290a outdoor housing n.
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290A Outdoor Housing PowerPoint Presentation
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290A Outdoor Housing

290A Outdoor Housing

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290A Outdoor Housing

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  1. 290A Outdoor Housing

  2. Main messaging Take your surveillance outdoors with tailor-made outdoor housings for Axis network cameras. Camera protection you can rely on, come rain, shine or grime!

  3. Features and benefits • Allows Axis cameras to be used outdoors and in other harsh environments. • IP66 Classified – protected against dust and heavy rain • Tailor made for Axis 2120 & 2420 network cameras - for quick and easy installations. • Temperature controlled heating ensures continued camera operation in cold weather conditions (down to –20 degrees C). • Integral tamper proof wall mounting bracket.

  4. Key Applications • All traditional camera video applications are applicable; the key feature of the 290A Outdoor housing is to enable outdoor surveillance with Axis network cameras • Industrial surveillance in dusty, humid and otherwise adverse conditions. • Surveillance in subways, railway stations, road tunnels etc.

  5. Weatherproof to IP66 • This means that the 290A Outdoor housing is dust tight and protects against powerful water jets. • In practice this means that the 290A Outdoor housing can be used in very wet outdoor conditions

  6. Weatherproof to IP66 • The IP rating system in brief: - IP stands for Ingress Protection. - The rating’s first digit (IP66) relates to the ingress protection against dust. - The second digit (IP66) relates to the ingress protection against water. • A lot of housings on the market are rated IP65 or even lower (IP54). IP65 has been the industry standard since the CCTV boom but some leading manufacturers have been upgrading to IP66 in recent years. IP54 housings should not be used in outdoor conditions although many installers do so.

  7. Operating Environment • The 290A Outdoor housing can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from –20 to +42 degrees C. • If possible the housing should be mounted in the shade. • If the housing is mounted in direct sunlight the ambient temperature range is –20 to +35 degrees C.

  8. Wall mounting Bracket. • Cables are unexposed through integral cable managed wall bracket which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides better tamper resistance (Laws & regulations may require hidden cables at reachable heights).

  9. Installation • The 290A Outdoor housing must be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance to local laws and regulations

  10. Materials • All main body parts and bracket are of aluminum • All fastenings are of stainless steel • High specification powder coat finish allowing housing also to be used along coast lines or industrial environments • Silglaze N is used to mount window, heater and power supply, and to secure the position of the sunshield. It is also used in addition to polyethylene gaskets for more secure sealing around front and rear end casting. It resists extreme hot temperatures and its suitability for this application has been proven throughout the years.

  11. Technical Data • Power • Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC (50HZ/60HZ) • Input current: 0.55A at 100 VAC / 0.28A at 240VAC • Minimum power requirement: 68VA • Output voltage: 12 VDC • Output current: 1A • Approvals • IP66 • CE: EN60950