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Letter Writing Part-2 Formal Letter Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh PowerPoint Presentation
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Letter Writing Part-2 Formal Letter Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh

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Letter Writing Part-2 Formal Letter Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh
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Letter Writing Part-2 Formal Letter Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh

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  1. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  2. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  3. Letter Writing Part-2 Formal Letter Prepared by: DipakbhaiV.Parikh Principal, VakalVidyalaya, Bajuwa, Baroda. Prepared by: DipakbhaiV.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  4. -Formal letters are written to officials, businessmen, persons holding positions of authority, or to the people known to you. Such letters are termed formal because there is a special form of style as well as vocabulary that is to be used. These letters are short and to the point and consist of definite, special vocabulary. The general format for such letters is as follows: Prepared by: DipakbhaiV.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  5. (1) Address of the writer House no., Society name, Road, Area, City- Pin code Full date (2) Detail of the receiver To, Designation, Firm, City Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  6. (3) Subject: (Write it centrally aligned to the paper) (4) Salutation: Respected/Dear (5) Body: 1st paragraph : introduction of the writer and purpose of the letter in about 10-12 sentences. Don’t leave any line between salutation and the first paragraph. The paragraph should start exactly below the - Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  7. -end of salutation. 2nd paragraph: Conclusion in about 2-3 sentences. (6) Closure, Yours truly, Yours sincerely, etc. (7) Name of the Writer Write the name given, if the name is not given, write ABC or XYZ Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  8. Format of (Formal) Letters: Each kind of letter has its own particular form. But there are certain matters of form which apply to all, and these may be explained now: In all kinds of letters there are five sections: The Heading Salutation or Courteous Greeting Body of the Letter, Communication or- Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  9. -message. (4) The Subscription or Conclusion or Courteous Leave-Taking. (5) The Signature or Name of the Writer. The Heading: This informs the reader where you wrote the letter, and when. The ‘where’ (which should be the writer’s full postal address) indicates the address to which the reader may reply; and the ‘when’- Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  10. -gives him the date on which you wrote. The position of the heading is at the top left hand corner of the letter. Write your address above and the date just below it. The date may be written in any of the following ways: 1st June,2013, 1 June,2013, June 1, 2013. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  11. Examples: (1)84, Surbhi Apts.(2)84/F,Surbhi Soc. Near Rewa Park Near KalaDarshan WaghodiyaRd., WaghodiyaRoad, Baroda-25 Baroda-25 1stJune, 2013 June11, 2013 Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  12. (2) Salutation or Courteous Greeting: This is the usual way of beginning in a letter. The form of greeting will depend upon the relation in which you stand to the person to whom you are writing. (3) Body of the Letter, Communication or Message: This section comprises of the message to be conveyed. It contains information, occurrences, reasons of the happening, consequences, etc. Two or more paragraphs can be made,- Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  13. -each containing a development. (4) The Subscription or Conclusion or Courteous Leave-Taking: A Letter must not end simply with the writer’s name. This would look rude. Hence, after completing the main part of the letter, you should write a polite Leave-Taking Phrase. The expression used must match the salutation, as for example: Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  14. Family members: Yours affectionately, Yours lovingly. For a Friend: Yours sincerely, or Sincerely yours, or Your sincere friend. For Authorities: Yours faithfully For strangers: Yours truly or Yours cordially For Teachers and Superiors: Yours obediently Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  15. Note: The leave-taking phrase must be written on the left hand side just below the body of the letter. The first word of the subscription must begin with a capital letter. eg. Yours sincerely. You should not put an apostrophe ‘s’ in yours. ‘Sincerely’ should not be used in letters Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  16. -beginning with the formal ‘Dear sir’. After which the proper word of subscription is ‘faithfully’ or ‘truly’ is used. (5) The Signature or Name of the Writer: This must come below the subscription. For relatives and friends write your first or pet name. For strangers and officials, write your full name as: Yours sincerely, RahulPancholi Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  17. A woman should prefix to the name Miss or Mrs (or Kumari or Smt.) in brackets. Ms can be used for woman who does not wish to called Miss or Mrs. Example: Yours faithfully, (MrsH.J.Patel) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  18. Essentials of a good Letter:- Arrange the ideas and facts in a logically linked order. Avoid clichés and stereotype or hackneyed expressions. Be precise and direct. Do not change paragraphs abruptly. Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation. Make sure that the letter conveys the- Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  19. -intended message clearly and the tone of the letter suits the particular type of the letter. How to write a good letter: A letter is a direct address to the addressee. Hence, it must be appealing. The ideas must be original, relevant and adequate. Include your own viewpoints and opinions on the topic only where called for. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  20. Write the letter in correct English, and in an effective style. Choose the most appropriate words, phrases and idiomatic expressions. Construct the sentences in a lucid manner. The language must be clear and concise. In official and commercial letters, avoid jargon as far as possible. After completing the letter check whether it reads well as a composite whole. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  21. Some Special Useful Expressions: For Beginning: - I am writing to……… I am writing this regarding……. I am writing on account of……. I am writing because….. For complaint: I feel constrained to complain about….. I must complain about….. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  22. I am forced to draw your attention to….. I regret to bring to your notice……… For request: I/We would be grateful if you could/would…………. I/We would like you to……… I/We would like you to order……. Could you kindly let us know……. Kindly send/supply……. I/We shall be highly grateful if you could.. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  23. For inquiries: We require…..for immediate delivery/and are interested in buying/and would like to have further details/and would like to introduce these goods. If the prices are competitive/If the quality of your goods comes up to our expectations,……We can probably let you have regular orders Please send your prospectus/quotations/prices reply by- Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  24. -return post/as soon as possible. An early answer will be appreciated. Payment will be made by cheque /bank draft. I am enclosing a bank draft. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  25. Types of Business Letters • Letter of Transmittal • Letter of Inquiry • Claim/Complaint Letter • Good News Letter • Bad News Letter • Letter of Application • Many others Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  26. Letter of Transmittal • Most examples of this letter type will contain three short paragraphs. • The first paragraph will state WHAT is being transmitted and WHY it is being transmitted. • The middle paragraph will DESCRIBE in moderate detail the item being transmitted; for example, if a report is being transmitted, the description would include the major sections of the report and its major conclusion(s). • The final paragraph will express HOPE FOR SATISFACTION with whatever is being transmitted. • Modified block with indentions is the usual format for this type of letter. ALWAYS include an enclosure notation. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  27. Letter of Inquiry • Most examples of this letter type contain three short paragraphs. • The first paragraph specifies the SUBJECT of the inquiry and indicates WHY the inquiry is being made. • The middle paragraph lists the specific items or questions that the letter writer wants or wants answered; usually the items or questions are presented in bulleted list form. • The last paragraph tactfully indicates a deadline by which the items being requested or the answers to questions need to be supplied. • Usually modified block with indentions format is used with this letter type. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  28. Claim/Complaint Letter • Most examples of this letter type contain three short paragraphs. • The opening paragraph states the PROBLEM that the letter writer has encountered and makes a specific CLAIM that will correct the problem. • The next longish paragraph narrates the sequence of events involved in the creation of the problem, and it describes the problem in detail. Dates, serial numbers, and other factual data are the heart of this paragraph. • The last paragraph tactfully requests timely correction of the problem. • Usually modified block with indentions format is used with this letter type. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  29. Good News Letter • Most examples of this letter type contain three short paragraphs. • The first paragraph makes the “GRANT,” that is, the solution to the problem/complaint that the complainer has requested. • The next longish paragraph explains in detail how the problem arose in order, if possible, to show that is was not a result of bad faith or business practice on the part of the company. • The last paragraph HOPES FOR SATISFACTION on the part of the complainer regarding the solution that has been offered. • Usually modified block or modified block with indentions format is used with this letter type. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  30. Letters of an application : Structure of an Application: Self-address Date Address to Subject of the Application Salutation Content of the Application Bio-data: It is necessary to give under mentioned information in Bio-data. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  31. Name Date of Birth Languages known Postal Address Educational qualifications Experience Hobbies References Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  32. (8) Complementary clauses. (9) Departing Salute (10) Signature. (11) Enclosures. Format of an Application: Name of the Applicant Address…………. June1, 2013 Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  33. To, The…………….. Name of the School/Company, Name of the city/village, Pin:……………. Subject: An Application for the post of… Respected Sir, This has reference to your advertisement In ‘The Times of India’ today calling for Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  34. -applications for the posts of a/an …… .................sir, since I fulfil the required qualifications, I request you to consider me as a candidate for the post. I give below the details of my qualifications and other necessary information. Personal: Name: Dhrumil Parikh Age: 25 Years (Write as per the post and as per the demand ) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  35. Height: 5’8” Weight: 58 kg. Sex: Male/Female Nationality: Indian Contact Details: E-mail: Contactme@hotmail.com M.1234567890 Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  36. Educational Qualification: Examination Examining Year of Percentage passed body passing - S.S.C.E G.S.E.B. Baroda March…….. 80% H.S.C.E. G.S.H.S.E.B. Gandhinagar March……. 78% T.Y……… Gujarat university April……. 77% M……….. Guj. Uni. A’Bad. April……… 69% Professional Gujarat University Degree Ahmedabad April……. 82% Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  37. Other Merits: Sports: Cricket, Tennis Hobby: Reading, Writing, Travelling Look: Pleasant Languages known: Gujarati, Hindi, English Experience: ………….years I have been working as a ……. in……………….. Salary: As per rules Prepared by: DipakbhaiV.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  38. Reference: Mr. R.C.Rawal (Principal) C.U.Shah Arts College, Ahmedabad. (2) Mr. B.M.Shah Manager, Bank of Baroda, R.C.Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Baroda Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  39. If I am selected, I shall try to satisfy you all with my hard work and good conduct. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, X.Y.Z. Encl.: (1) True-copies of required mark-sheet (2) True-copies of required certificates. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  40. Bad News Letter • Letters of this type may contain three or more than three paragraphs, depending on the degree of detail that is presented. • The opening paragraph is usually short and neutral with regard to the issue (i.e., We received your letter of August 29, 2007, in which you . . .). • The middle paragraph(s) explains in detail the upcoming bad news, but does not actually state the bad news (i.e., we cannot comply with your request to solve the problem) until near, but not at, the end of the paragraph: i.e., “bury” the bad news. • The last paragraph returns to a neutral topic. • Full block format is usually used with this letter type. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  41. Letter of Application • This letter usually has three or four paragraphs. • The opening paragraph states the specific POSITION for which you are applying; if possible, it indicates how you gained knowledge about the position. • The middle paragraphs discuss the specific QUALIFICIATIONS you possess that make you a good candidate for the job; you should mention your resume near the beginning of the first of these paragraphs • The last paragraph REQUESTS AN INTERVIEW at the convenience of the company. • Modified block with indentions is the usual format for letters of this type. ALWAYS include an enclosure notation. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  42. Suggestions for Letter of Application • Make it one page long. • Proofread the letter of application and resume VERY carefully; let there be NO mistakes in them. • Make every effort to mail the application letter to a specific person in the company; if need be, make a call to find out the name of the person to whom to mail the letter and resume. • Mail the letter and resume in an envelope that is large enough that the letter and resume do not need to be folded. • A day or two before the deadline for sending in the letter of application, call the company and verify that the letter has been received. Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  43. Keys For Posts Post Education Experience Age --------------------------------------------------------- 1. Watchman/ S.S.C.,H.S.C.(17) 2 Years 24 years Security Guard Ex.-Service man(5) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Receptionist/ S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) Tele.OperatorB.Com. (3) 2 Years 23 years Diploma in Tele. Operation (1) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  44. Clerk/Typist S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) Stenographer, B.Com. (3) 2 years 23 years P.A. Type speed-60 w.p.m. Shorthand speed 80 w.p.m. (1) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accountant/ S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) Auditor B.Com. (3) 2 years 24 years M.Com.(2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C.A. S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) B.Com. (3) 5 years 29 years C.A. (4) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  45. Manager S.S.C., H.S.C (17) (all types) B.Com., B.B.A. 5years 28 years M.B.A.(3) (2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salesman S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) or B.Com/B.Sc./ 2 years 22-24 years Medical Dip. In salesmanship(1) Representative --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.R.O. S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) B.A.(Eng.)(3) 2 years 25 years M.A. (Eng.) (2) Dip. In Public Relations(1) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  46. Labour Officer S.S.C., H.S.C.,(17) B.Com. (3) 2 years 27 years LL.B.(3) M.L.W.(2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Librarian S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) B.Lib. (3) 3 years 24 years M.Lib. (2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. Computer S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) Programmer B.C.A. (3) 2 years 24 years M.C.A. (2) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  47. 12. Computer S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) Operator B.Sc. (3) 2 years 23 years D.C.A.(1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13. Proof-Reader S.S.C, H.S.C. (17) B.A. (3) 2 years 23 years Certificate course in Proof-Reading(1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. Journalist/ S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) Reporter/ B.A.(Eng/Guj.) (3) 2 years 25 years Editor M.A.(Eng./Guj.)(2) Dip. In Journalism(1) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  48. 15. Air Hostess/ S.S.C.,H.S.C.(17) Stewardess B.A. (Eng.)(3) 2 years 25 years M.A.(Eng.) (2) Dip..in..Foreign Language (1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16. Translator/ S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) 2 years 24 years Interpreter B.A.(Eng./Guj./Hindi)(3) M.A.(Eng./Guj./Hindi)(2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17. Pharmacist S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) B.Pharm. (4) 2 years 23 years Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  49. 18. Doctor S.S.C, H.S.C.(17) M.B.B.S. (5) 2 years 26 years M.D./M.S.(2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19. Engineer S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) B.E.(4)(Civil/IT..) 2 years 25 years M.E. (2)(Civil/IT..) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20. Wireman/ S.S.C.,H.S.C.(17) Fitter/ I.T.I (Dip. In the 2 years 24 years Turner trade of W./F./T.)(2) Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)

  50. 21. Nurse S.S.C., H.S.C. (17) (Male/ B.P.N.A. Or B.Sc. 2 years 22 years Female) (Nursing) (3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22. Commercial- S.S.C.,H.S.C.(17) Artist Diploma in 2 years 22 years Fine arts (5) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 23. Principal S.S.C., H.S.C.(17) B.A./B.Com./B.Sc.(3) M.A./M.Com./M.Sc.(2) M.Ed.(1) 7 years 31 years as a teacher Prepared by: Dipakbhai V.Parikh (M.9426410319)