the new third party development portal reckon solutions developer network rsdn simon hutchinson n.
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The New Third Party Development Portal Reckon Solutions Developer Network (RSDN) Simon Hutchinson PowerPoint Presentation
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The New Third Party Development Portal Reckon Solutions Developer Network (RSDN) Simon Hutchinson

The New Third Party Development Portal Reckon Solutions Developer Network (RSDN) Simon Hutchinson

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The New Third Party Development Portal Reckon Solutions Developer Network (RSDN) Simon Hutchinson

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  1. The New Third Party Development PortalReckon Solutions Developer Network (RSDN)Simon Hutchinson

  2. Outline • Just what is an SDK? • Why is it good to have an SDK? • The current program • What is wrong with the current program • The new program • The marketplace

  3. Just what is an SDK? • SDK = Software Developers Kit • A software developers kit is used by developers to interact with other companies software to provide solutions for clients and customers • The APS integration you will be shown tommorow has been built with the QuickBooks SDK. • Many companies have an SDK such as Apple (iphone), Google (Android) etc.

  4. Why is it good to have an SDK? • It allows software developers to provide solutions for QuickBooks • This in turn builds brand loyalty through those developers. We help them make money, they help us grow our products • It also allows users to remain on QuickBooks longer and provide custom solutions to assist in their business • Developers can plug the holes in the product when it comes to user requirements.

  5. The AUS/NZ SDK • There are many advantages to the AUS/NZ SDK over the US SDK making it easier for us to deal with developers and clients • Our SDK supports tax items on general journals • Our SDK also does not require a client side installation. Easier for clients to get access to and use third party software • Our SDK is extremely easy to code for and simple to learn

  6. API Membership • The current lowest SDK membership is the API membership. It costs $199. • This gives developers access to the documents they require to be able to build software for QuickBooks • It is a one off fee but it does require that the developer already has QuickBooks • This level is currently free for Accredited Consultants in NZ

  7. Developer Membership • This is the middle tier membership which costs $579. • It includes a 12 month subscription to QuickBooks Premier (5 licences ) and the documentation required • Lower then the subscription price of premier as we subsidise the cost for SDK developers • A good start for any developer when using QB for the first time.

  8. Developer Program Membership • This is the highest tier membership at $1999 per annum • It includes a 12 month subscription to QuickBooks Premier (5 licences ) and the documentation required. • It also includes marketing support including advertising on our site, potential for pamphlets in the box and conference appearances • Free advertising on our site in the SDK catalogue

  9. Problems with the current membership • There is a cost associated with it which keeps out people such as university students • In comparison to our competitors, the pricing structure is not competitive • There is no where for developers to communicate with each other to solve problems. They are 100% relying on Reckon and responses can take time • Lots of Administration work on the Reckon side

  10. So how do we fix this? • Later in 2011 Reckon will introduce the RSDN into both Australia and New Zealand • This will be a full re-launch of our SDK program with marketing support and advertising in relevant magazines (such as Australian Personal Computer) • It will allow us to better manage the relationship between developers and Reckon • The signup process will be seamless and almost instant

  11. RSDN details • There will be three levels to the RSDN program as there is now but significantly different • RSDN is designed to enable developers to collaborate and discuss issues and fixes in their own environment on the site • They will do this via an exclusive forum for members. Staff will also monitor it. • For the first time like the US we will be able to offer $0

  12. Community Developer • Lowest tier RSDN membership. • The community developer will attract a $0 cost however they will still need to sign the non-disclosure agreements and abide by them • They will have limited support via Reckon and no software is provided • This is great for people who want to try the SDK out or are uni students and want to try building some software with an SDK

  13. Associate Developer • Middle tier RSDN membership. • The community developer will attract an approximate $600 cost but they will receive QuickBooks Premier • Email support will be free and provided by Reckon • When other SDKs are launched in the future (Online and POS) they will instantly get access • Access to BETA software to test upcoming updates

  14. Accredited Developer • Accreditation will be introduced in Phase 2 of RSDN release • Developers will become accredited by taking online courses provided by Reckon • You will be able to advertise you are accredited for software development with QuickBooks. Can also advertise their services. • These developers will be invited to AP conference depending on numbers • Access to BETA software and other software

  15. RSDN Marketplace • As part of RSDN Reckon will launch a new marketplace for users to find solutions • This will make it easier for you as AC’s and clients to find software to help them run their business with QuickBooks • This marketplace will be available to both Australian and New Zealand clients • Very much like the Intuit Market

  16. RSDN Marketplace (cont.) • Developers will pay for classified listings starting at $49. • There will be a link directly inside QuickBooks 2012/13 to the Marketplace . • It will enable our clients to find what they want faster. • In the long run we feel it will keep users on QuickBooks longer and attract more developers to try and build for QuickBooks.

  17. Future plans • As part of the RSDN we are also launching an SDK for QuickBooks Hosted. • This online solution is currently under development and will offer a solution both for end users as well as websites that want to talk directly to QuickBooks • Reckon will also offer services for developers in the long run such as software testing and approval systems • This is only the start.

  18. What else is offered in RSDN? • Online sign-up • Introduce a easy process to speed up applications • Developers online forum • Web-based community similar to the AP forum • Discuss wide range of topics, challenges and pool knowledge • Assist AP’s with any third-party application queries • Monitored by RSDN Team to provide support

  19. What else is offered in RSDN? • Marketplace Classified Listing • Summarise third-party applications • Keyword search to find solution • Accredited Developers – 3 free and purchase for $49 pa • Associate Developers – 2 free and purchase for $99 pa • Community Developers – purchase for $149 pa

  20. What else is offered in RSDN? • Find a Developer (Phase 2) • Associate Developer listed in Developer database • Search for a Developer to create a custom solution for you or your clients • Marketplace RSDN Store (Phase 3) • Developer submits third-party application to test • Price of testing will be determined on application • You can then purchase directly from the store • Similar to Intuit Marketplace

  21. The future • RSDN Launch • Phase 1; Community Developer and Associate Developer levels, online sign-up, forum, Classified Listing search, current Developers migration • Phase 2; Find a Developer search, Accredited Developer level • Phase 3; RSDN Store • QuickBooks Hosted SDK • Retail Point of Sale SDK

  22. Questions?