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Unit 3

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Unit 3

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  1. Unit 3 Business letters

  2. Business Letters • 3.1 Establishment of Business Relations 建立业务关系 • 3.2 Offer & Counter–Offer 报盘与还盘 • 3.3 Inquiry & Reply 询盘与回复 • 3.4 Claims & Compensation索赔与赔偿 • 3.5 Order 订单 • 3.6 Letter of Credit (L/C)信用证 • 3.7 Sales Letters 销售信函

  3. Unit 4, Task 2 3.1 Letter of Establishing Business Relations 建立业务联系

  4. Points for Attention • 建立业务关系的信,通常是发信一方在通过一定的途径得到对方公司的名称和地址,并经过初步信用调查后,向对方发出的

  5. WHERE to find the company you want to deal with? You may find them through the followingchannels

  6. Overseas Chamber of Commerce 海外商会 • Chinese Commercial Counselor’s Office in Foreign Countries中国驻外商务参赞处 • Trade Directories 贸易行的行名录 • Publication 出版物(E.g. Public Commerce Information Service, P.R. China 商务部出版的公共商务信息导报) • Business Houses of the same trade 同业商行 • Advertisement 广告 • Internet: www.

  7. Language Points • The Commercial Counselor’s Office 商务参赞处 E.g. Learning from the Commercial Councelor’s Office of our Embassy in your country that you are one of the leading importers of canned foodstuff.

  8. 经济商务参赞处 使馆 (Embassy)中负责同驻在国外贸部门进行联系和交涉的部门,一般由派遣国外贸主管部门派出。其职责是向本国主管部门报告驻在国的经济、贸易发展情况,准备贸易协定的签订工作并监督其执行,签订或协作签订重要的贸易合同。

  9. What’s the way to establish the business relations ?

  10. Traditional ways • Writing Letters/ Fax/ Telex • Advertising through radio, TV and newspapers • Friends introduction • Trade Fair

  11. Modern Ways • Online Advertising • Search Engine Database • B2B Website posting (B2B: Business To Business,是指一个市场的领域的一种,是企业对企业之间的营销关系) • Modern Communication Tools (E-mail, TradeManager, Skype, MSN, QQ) • E-works/ E-banks/ E-commerce

  12. Skillsof Writing Letters of EBR

  13. How do you know the addressee's name and address? • Who are you ? • What is your products? • Where are you from? • Power of your company • Product ranges • Advantages & Promise • Wishes • Website & Contact information

  14. Case Studies P37-40

  15. Writing Tips Major Factors of Letters of EBR • Begin your letter by telling the recipient how his name is known to you • Provide necessary information about yourself • State your wish

  16. Expresions Beginning by telling your purpose or how his name is known to you: • 在我们的客户的要求下,我们非常感激您能提供有关上述公司的相关资料。 • At the request of our client we would appreciate your providing us with any information you might have concerning the above mentioned company .

  17. Expresions Beginning by telling your purpose or how his name is known to you: • 你的名字作为上述公司的重要商号参证刊登在四月1日的《纽约贸易时报》中,该公司正在我地区寻找有能力的经销商 。 • Your name was listed in the April 1 issue of The new York Trade Times as an important trade reference by the above company , which is seeking capable dealers in our area .

  18. Expresions • trade reference(business reference/ house reference ): 信用备咨(*credit reference)的一种。 在国际贸易实务上,买卖双方在进行交易之前,应互相告知备咨询查的第三者名号,以便双方互作彼此的信用调查。若该第三者为对方所熟悉的同业或商号(非银行),则该同业或商号则称为商号备咨;若该第三者为银行,则称为银行备咨(*bank reference)。

  19. Expresions Provide necessary information about yourself: • 我们被誉为最可靠的滑雪商品制造商之一。 • We are reputed to be one of the most rliable skiing goods manufactures .

  20. Expressions 享有极佳的声誉 enjoy an excellent reputation 信誉良好的公司 a reputable firm

  21. New Words & Expressions deal in 从事,经营 =handle v. 经营 deal with… 跟…做生意 e.g. We have dealt in the export of washing machines for bout ten years. 我们从事洗衣机出口已经有很多年了。 We handle the import and export business of chemical products. 我们经营化工产品的进出口业务。 We wish to deal with you in this line. 我们希望在该行业与你们做生意。

  22. Expresions State your wish : • 我们的客户,伦敦运动有限公司,有意与上述公司建立贸易关系 • Our client , the London Sports Co.,Ltd., has desire to enter into business relations with the above firm .

  23. 3.1 Establishing Business Relations(建立贸易关系) enter into business relations 建立贸易关系 还可以用:set up open up establish business relations or build up business connections New Words & Expressions

  24. Expresions Ending with thanks : • 当然,任何信息将会严格保密;收到您的报告后,我方将非常高兴支付费用。 • Any information , of course ,is strictly confidential ,and expenses will be gladly paid by us upon receipt of your report .

  25. Expresions Ending with thanks : • 我们向您保证所有信息将会严格报名。对于您的协助,当有相似机会我们将乐于施以回报。 • 非常感谢您一直以来的协助与合作。 • We assure you that all information will be kept in strict confidence . We will be very glad to reciprocate your assistance when a similar opportunity arises . • Thank you very much for your continued assistance and cooperation .

  26. Skills of Writing Response Letters of EBR

  27. Writing Tips Major Factors of Respones Letters of EBR • Thanks for your contact • We are interested in your product • Requirement for details • Wishes • Contact information

  28. Dear Sirs Thanks for your email received this morning. We have a plan to buy textiles in a large quantity. Pls offer your products catalogue and price list for reference. Each type should have detailed specifications. Wish to have successful cooperation and mutually benefits. Faithfully, Mr. Smith Global Trade Company, Textile Branch Tel: + 44-(0)-8707-353666 Fax:+ 44-(0)-8707-3536667 E-mail: Website:

  29. Useful Expressions • Your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber Commerce in New York, America. • .......美国纽约商会向我们推荐贵公司。 • We take the liberty of sending you the E-mail with a view of building up business relationship with your firm. • 我们冒昧给你方发E-mail,以期与贵公司建立业务关系。

  30. Useful Expressions • We are willing to enter into business relationship with your firm on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs. • 我们愿在平等互利、互通有无的基础上与贵公司建立业务关系。 • To acquaint you with the electronic goods we handle, we are sending you, by separate airmail, several handbooks for your reference. • 为了使你方了解我方所经营的电子产品,我们将另外函寄基本产品介绍的小册子供你方参考。

  31. Useful Expressions • will give you any information you may require concerning our credit standing as well as our manner of doing business. ......银行能提供有关我方资信和业务措施的所有资料。 • We thank you for your E-mail offering your services and should like to discuss the possibility of expanding trade with you. • 谢谢你方的E-mail表示愿意提供服务,我方愿与你方就扩大贸易的可能行进行讨论。

  32. Translation Practice 敬启者: 此地的中国银行海外部推荐贵公司为销售贵国的轻工产品有意与中国公司建立业务关系。 我们请您寄给我们详细的资料及产品的价格,我们将会很愉快的研究在我方市场的销售可能性。 盼回复。我们将认真考虑任何能带给我们双方业务的建议。 诚挚问候。

  33. Translation Practice Dear Sirs The foreign Department of the Bank of China here has recommended your corporation as being interested in establishing business relations with Chinese corporation to sell light industrial products of your country.

  34. Translation Practice We invite you to send us details and prices of your products, and we shall gladly study the sales possiblities in our market.

  35. Translation Practice We shall always be very happy to hear from you and will carefully consider any proposals likely to lead to business between us. Yours truly

  36. Business Negotiation商务磋商 • Inquiry询盘 • Offer发盘 • Counter Offer 还盘 • Acceptance 接受

  37. 3.3 Enquires and Reply P48 询盘与回答

  38. What is the inquiry?

  39. Inquiry • An inquiry is a request for information • They invite a quotation or an offer for the goods they want or just ask for some general information about those goods 询盘是指交易的一方准备购买或出售某种商品,向对方询问买卖该商品的有关交易条件。

  40. Two Kinds of Inquiry A general inquiry(普通询盘) The buyer ask for general information he needs, such as a catalogue(目录), a price list or quotation sheets(价目表或报价单), a sample(样品), an illustration(图片), etc.

  41. A specific inquiry(具体询盘) The buyer points to the products he wants, such as the name of the commodity(商品名称), the specifications(规格), the quantity(数量), the unit price FOB or CIF(单价), the time of shipment(装船期), the terms of payment(支付方式), etc.

  42. On Payment Terms • L/C (Letter of Credit): 信用证 • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): 电汇 • D/A (Documents against Acceptance): 承兑交单 • D/P (Document against Payment): 付款交单

  43. On Shipment Terms • G.W (Gross Weight): 毛重 • N.W (Net Weight): 净重 • B/L (Bill of Lading): 提单 • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): 预计到达时间 • PO (Purchasing Order): 订单

  44. Trade Terms –On Price Terms(价格条件) • FOB(Free on board): 离岸价/ 船上交货价(货物越过船舷前得所有费用和风险发货方承担) • CFR/C&F(Cost & Freight): 成本加运费价(货物到目的港的一切费用,除保险外都由发货方承担) • CIF(Cost, insurance and freight): 到岸价(货物到目的港的一切费用,保险由发货方承担)

  45. A Letter of Enquiry 一般询价信写四或五段 Source of information Reason for enquiry Asking for information of the product you want: price, list, and catalogue Giving references Further business s r a g f

  46. 方法与策略 查询信必须: • 明确说明需要什么及其原因 • 脉络清楚,便于对方一一解答 • 问题不能太多 — 看看是否还有其他资料来源 • 对别人将会提供的帮助表示感谢

  47. Expressions Start your letter : • 非常感谢您与我们的广泛合作 • Thank you very much for your extensive cooperation with us. • 谢谢,已收到贵方的商品价格 • Thanks. Having heard from you the price of the goods. • 很高兴告知贵方我方需要这些商品 • Glad to inform you we are in demand of the goods. • 谢谢良好关系。我方想向贵方了解更多的信息 • Thanks for the good relations . We want to hear mor information from you .

  48. Expressions Tell people that you want to buy their products : • 希望我们以购买这批商品开始达成合作。 • Hope to reach a successful cooperation. We begin with the purchase of the goods. • 我们希望销售成功 • We hope to have a successful selling • 对您提供最新的目录和样板深表感谢。 • You are much appreciated for a supply of the latest catalog and samples. • 我方非常感谢贵方最低的上海到岸价 • We will appreciate your lowest price CIF Shanghai.

  49. Expressions End your letter: • 我们将重复下订单。 • We will place repeat orders with you in the future. • 对贵方及时的答复深表感谢 • Your prompt reply is much appreciated. • 希望尽早回复 • Hope to have a early reply. • 我们期待商品的成功销售。 • We wish a successful dealing in the goods.

  50. 方法与策略 复查询信必须Reply an inquiry : • 及时回复,建立可靠信誉 • 使用积极关切的口吻 • 应表现出乐于提供协助的态度,向对方提供完整详尽的信息 — 内容不应太少 • 脉络分明,条理清楚,使对方一目了然 4