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They are used for preventing or solving

UNIT 2. DNA. Suitcase Seen with X- rays. fingerprints. CCTV camera. They are used for preventing or solving. CRIMES. vadalism. hacking. Armed robbery. shoplifting. Theft / burglary. murder. hijacking. rape. mugging. Drug dealing. smuggling. kidnapping. verb. criminal.

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They are used for preventing or solving

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  1. UNIT 2 DNA Suitcase Seenwith X-rays fingerprints CCTV camera They are usedforpreventingorsolving CRIMES

  2. vadalism hacking Armedrobbery shoplifting Theft/burglary murder hijacking rape mugging Drugdealing smuggling kidnapping

  3. verb criminal kidnapper kidnapping kidnap murderer murder murder Hijacking hijacker hijack rape rapist rape burglary burgle burglar Drugdealing Buy/selldrugs Drugdealer smuggling smauggle smuggler vandalise vandalism vandal blackmail blackmailer blackmail rob robber Armedrobbery fraud Commitfraud bribery bribe terrorism terrorist Set off bombs theft thief steal mugging mug Mugger

  4. Commit Chase Solve Go escape catch A criminal Someone A crime Toprison A crime Ithinkthemostseriouscrimeis … I thinktheleastseriousis … In myopinion, … shouldgotoprison I don ´t thinkthat … shouldgotoprison • Asesinó a un periodista • Violó a una chica • Atracó a una viejecilla • Secuestró a una persona y un avión • Ese trafica con drogas • Es un pirata informático • Robó a mano armada • Robó en un banco y luego en una tienda • Le está chantajeando • El constructor sobornó al alcalde • Eso es un robo • Es un ladrón • He murderedthejournalist • He raped a girl • He muggedanold lady • He kidnapped a person and hijacked a plane • He isdealingwithdrugs • He is a hacker • He robbed … at gunpoint • He robbed a bank and shoplifted … • He isblackmailinghim • Thebuilderbribedthe Mayor • That´s a theft/burglary/robbery • He is a thief/burglar/robber

  5. Committed Investigated Caught Arrested Questioned charged Court Witnesses Jury Evidence Verdict Guilty Judge Punishment Sentenced Notguilty Proof acquitted

  6. Revision of vocabulary • Commit a crime • Investigate • Chase criminals • Catch thecriminals • Arrestthem • Questionthem • Chargedwiththecrime • Courtforthe trial • Witnesses • Jury • Evidence • Reach a verdict • Findhim / herguilty • Judge decides thepunishment • Sentences • Proof • Acquitted • Fine • C _______ a C _____ • I ____________ • C ______ • C __________ • A _________ • Q _________ • C __________ • C ________ forthe T ______ • W ____________ • J __________ • E _________ • R _______ a V _______ • F _______ thesuspect G _____ • J ______ decides the P _______ • Thejudge S ______ himto 6 months in prison • P _______ • A ______ • F _______

  7. Thought Learnt Truth Headlines Flew Apparently Bomb Demaded Parachutes Landed Forced Nobodyknows Perhaps Died Disappeared Vanished Journey Flying Businessman Clearly Smart Suit Strangely Called Flight attendant Quietly Briefcase Return Passengers Got off

  8. Dan Cooper´svocabulary Journey Businessman Smart Suit chase in fact Apparently Demanded Parachutes court geton/off At least Learnthetruth Headlines victim land Force Nobodyknows X – ray machines Guilty/acquitted flightattendant Briefcase Return Passengers witness

  9. Whois he? Past Simple Took Got Didn ´t know Checked Discovered gave Didn ´t spend Decided put Was Found Didn ´t keep

  10. Translate • ¿Qué encontró Brian? • ¿Dónde lo encontró? • ¿Qué hizo con el dinero? • ¿Conocían a Dan Cooper? • ¿Qué hizo la policía? • ¿Qué le dio la policía a Brian? • ¿Lo gastó? • Whatdid he find? • Wheredid he findit? • Whatdid he do withthemoney? • Didtheyknow Dan Cooper? • WhatdidthePolice do? • Whatdidthepolicegiveto Brian? • Did he spendit?

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