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Nordic Parliaments 14 th IT Conference Country Report from the Folketing

Nordic Parliaments 14 th IT Conference Country Report from the Folketing. Oslo 28-30. August 2014. This is NOT Harry Potters dining room. Organization of Administration. Secretary Genereal Carsten U. Larsen. Personalekontoret John Baastrup. Ledelsessekretariat (protokol) Søren Koushede.

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Nordic Parliaments 14 th IT Conference Country Report from the Folketing

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  1. Nordic Parliaments 14th IT ConferenceCountry Report from the Folketing Oslo 28-30. August 2014 This is NOT Harry Potters dining room

  2. Organization of Administration Secretary Genereal Carsten U. Larsen Personalekontoret John Baastrup Ledelsessekretariat (protokol) Søren Koushede Service- og Administrations Området Anne Mette Falbe Hansen Parlamentarisk Område Claus Dethlefsen 35 mio. euro [260 mio. DKR] (IT: 8 mio. euro) 15 mio. euro [100 mio. DKR] Driftsenheden Anders Theil It-udvikling Liselotte Astrup Økonomikontoret Allan Blom Bibliotek Hanne Rasmussen It –systemer m.m. Ole Søndergaard Kommunikation Søren Væver Sikkerhedsenheden Kim H Pedersen Betjentenheden Bente Anderson Folketingstidende Jenni Birklund Udvalgssekretariat Lis Grønnegaard Rasmussen Internationalt sekretariat Pernille Deuleran Lovsekretriatet Dorte Rønnemos Rengøringsenheden Annette Andersen Byggesekretariatet Kasper Jacoby

  3. Staff in Administration 423 staff in total Stu-dent Craft-men Academics Officers Office workers Cleaners 31 Boss IT’s Staff turn over 7 % - in government 12 % Staff sickness absence 6,8 % - in government 8,3 %

  4. A few innovations :- Meeting App ‘Tinget’ for MP’s - Open data • Time to consolidate and upgrade due to increasing complexity! • A new time consuming wonder: ‘The Towering Inferno’ What has happened since 2012 ? Here follows a mix of bits and bytes …

  5. Follow me print • Intention: Efficient use of printer rooms, Shared technology among parties and administration • Includes print from iPad / iPhone • We needed 30 multifunction printers = 100.000 EURO • We purchased used Canon printers = 10.000 EURO • Users like Follow me • Next step to include non Canon printers

  6. 100 years from now … • The State Archives want to save MP’s e-mail correspondence for researchers • They asked Parliament for help • We made a button in Outlook- Point out the mail(s)- Push the button- Mail copied to special folder • When MP leaves the Folketing, staff from State Archives is posted in Service Center

  7. TingService = Our system for non parliamentary services 10-15 years ago: • Ordinary IT hotline handling Later on: • Registration of personally belongings • Workflows for all kind of services / staff’s, Now: • Rooms and installed items registered • Preventive maintenance of items scheduled • Dispatching is necessary

  8. Booking System for schools and tourists now in use • Parliament turns to be an tourist attraction in linewith other entertainment • Booking systems will be still more important and demanding • Reflection:Standard systems can be achallenge – we rarely matchthe standard Book a tour in parliament including coffee in tower

  9. Admittance control system (G4S) • This IT system:- organizes card readers in groups- organizes card holders in groups - connect groups in a matrix way- make it possible to handle a red alert • A rather complicated data model is needed • Security officers have owned system • May be an important issue in times of terror threats

  10. facebook and folketinget.dk • Introduced October 2013 • Intention: To shorten distance to citizens • Rather tuff writings now and then, - often removed by moderators • Some users have been removed as users • We are not always ready to peoples kind of small talk • One could ask one self: - if facebook is fit for organizations?

  11. A non IT solutions • Too many MP’s and staff in linein front of cash register • Request: Faster throughput if you put money into ID cards! “I want no money on ID-cards” grunted the old man … • We invented the jump-over-the-line token,1 for salads and 1 for buffet’s

  12. One more: Call for taxi

  13. Next step after Lenovo laptops in December 2010. • We keep the iPhone (all) and iPad (MP’s and half the Administration) • Our plan was to replace the laptop with a hybrid laptop with Windows 8 PRO- helps us if Surface kills iPad- a kind of tablet to everybody • Seems we have to add a big and light ordinary laptop • Hopefully rolled out before election (spring 2015)

  14. Tele fees once again • TDC existing provider - 65 DKR pr. month pr user, free talk + data • Telenor / Telia the new winner- 35 DKR pr. month pr user, free talk + data- substantial discount on terminals (iPhones) – who pay? • TDC’s next move right now- 33 DKR pr. month pr user, free talk + data - want to extend existing contract 3 years- and then make your wish list of free gifts Special issue: We do not have a DAS system (Distributed Antenna System) yet ! - Do You ? EU tenders can be mysterious

  15. Complexity tends to be a thread? • We install and integrate an increasing amount of technology (IT, AV etc.) • Who should take care of the increasing amount of security technology • Have we kept up with sufficient procedures for support ? • Have we kept up with sufficient staff for support ? • Have we kept up with sufficient changes in working-hour-agreement’s and on-duty-schedule’s ?

  16. When a tender seems pointless • Voting and Conferencing technology from same vendor installed all over parliament • It seems impossible to exposure to competition- We have chosen a product concept and have to stick to it • What to do? • You can ask the top lawyers to do an exception from EU ? • OR you can:- ignore the competition issue and - ASK FOR FIXED PROFIT in stead

  17. An APP for Art & Crap • All kind of ART is all ready registeredin an old Access database • After 10 years a replacement is necessary • Now time has come to change from an introvert to an extrovert attitude (APP) • New year 2015 a new APP service forwhat-is-that service and thematic tours

  18. Projects completed2012-2014 IT-development

  19. ”Tingdok” upgrade • TingDok is the core it- system in the Parliament, including all data about bills, documents, meetings, committees, informations about MP’s etc. • In production since 2004 and this is the second upgrade • A great project with lots of integrations to other systems • A huge project (10 mil. D.kr., two years and >10.000 hours spent)

  20. Improvements after the upgrade: • Seamless integration to MS-office • Standard functionality in stead of special development • Efficient and coherent work-flows • Auto journalizing of answers from the Ministries (app. 20.000 p. year). • Confidential documents and meetings in TingDok and distribution to “Tinget” (MP’s iPads) • Better search on the website and subscription through new keywords on parliamentary documents • XML-standards and uniform web services for easier data integration and maintenance

  21. Open Data Project (API) Presentationtomorrow

  22. ’Tinget’ – MP’s meeting App Presentationtomorrow

  23. Live stream of meetings on Smartphones and Tablets • One week overview • Agenda for the meetings • Push-note about the meeting start, delays or cancelling

  24. Projects in progress 2014 - 2015

  25. Mooving and renewing all websites in the Folketing to a multisite platform: • Multisite: Managing more websites on one and the same (Sitecore) platform • EU-information site: In production January 2015 • New and responsive design • Migration of the old website to the new • Integration with TingDok • Folketingets web site: In production January 2016 • New and responsive design • Implementation of the new web-strategy • Folketingstidendes web site (the Gazette):In production January 2016 • New and responsive design • Digitizing of all printed Gazettes from 1849 –2004 • MoovingFT.dk to a mulisite platform • Relaunch of Folketingstidende.dk (includning Rigsdagstidende back to 1849)

  26. A new web-strategy: Highlights • Current interest and topicality (actual and historical theme sites) • Connection and collaboration (in data and organization) • User friendly and generated by users (more platforms and responsive design, presentation of data based on the behavior of the users) • Consolidation and prioritization (improve the ’most used’ functionalities and bring the most popular data out) • Visualization and dialogue (including social medias, sharing the parliamentary data)

  27. Example of a theme site http://s2qvy0.axshare.com/home.html.

  28. Revitalizing the project model in the Folketing • Folketinget introduced it’s first project model in 2004 • Mature measurement after 10 years: • Questionnaire, interviews, analysis • High scores: • Well implemented and uses in the organization • Common language and understanding of the model • and the way to work • Low-scores: • Connection to the Strategy • Measuring of effects (score the benefits) • Education • PMO

  29. The new project model: Upgrades IT-værktøjer Update of the model: • New methods (agile development SCRUM, optimizing of processes LEAN) • More project types included in the model (program, it, building, light) New roles and education: • Senior projectmanagers (15 persons) • (Light)Projectmanagers • Project participants • Project owners and members of steering groups PMO • New it-tools for PMO and project management (project rooms, informationmanagement, TFS, PM etc.) • From PMO to PMS (secretary with more expert knowledge) Effekt og gevinst realisering Kompetenceudvikling Projektmodel version 2.0 Videre-udvikling af PMO Tydelig kobling til strategien

  30. Tower = A restaurant platform + A view platform • It department was asked to take part in:- logistics for guests arrival and departure - lifts behavior - max 50 a time • Never have so many bright ignorents used their talent on things, they had no clue about Count Up robot Please avoid that the Queen have an unintended meeting in the lift with 10 tourists in Bermuda shorts?

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