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STEM in New Haven PowerPoint Presentation
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STEM in New Haven

STEM in New Haven

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STEM in New Haven

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  1. STEM in New Haven

  2. State of STEM:New Haven • National Need • CT Need • New Haven Need • Current NHPS STEM • Resources • Goal for Forum, Introductions • Discussion Breakout Groups • Next Steps

  3. What is STEM? • STEM education grows out of the idea that the boundaries between science, technology, engineering, and math are permeable. • Moreover, it asserts that its four disciplines are interdependent. • By endeavoring to blend science, technology, engineering, and math in its approach, STEM education seeks to create 21st century learning opportunities and skill development for all students.

  4. National STEM Crisis • U.S. behind in student indicators. • Foreign nationals ahead in jobs and degrees. • Urban students are falling behind. • Many plans exist to address this. • New national STEM Initiative addresses programs and teachers.

  5. Stem Pipeline

  6. STEM Pipeline from 9th Grade to Bachelor’s Degree for Low-Income Students in the U.S. 10,000 Students in the Bottom Income Quartile Start the 9th Grade 6,600 of 10,000 Students Earn a High School Diploma (8,200 total) 3,860 of 10,000 Students Go to College  76 are Declared STEM Majors vs 800 total 710 of 10,000 Students Earn a Bachelor’s Degree  30 BA/BS in STEM Fields vs 400

  7. The Future • 75 % of jobs will be in STEM • Not just STEM careers, it is STEM in every job • Technology as a “global knowledge economy” is the future, and it requires different skills. • Business and industry want employees with these skills!

  8. CT Careers in STEM • 75% of CT jobs require STEM • Healthcare • Aerospace, • Computers • BioScience, • Financial, • Maritime, • Manufacturing

  9. CT STEM • Middle skill jobs are STEM • CONNvene 2006 statewide recommendations • CT 2020

  10. New Haven Area • CT Dept of Labor stats for NH: • Health/BioScience Careers (all levels) • Green Technologies & Manufacturing (all levels) are where the jobs are!

  11. New Haven Public Schools • STEM in New Haven • Math • Science • Technology • Engineering • Programs and Partners

  12. NHPS STEM: Mathematics Mission • The mission of the New Haven Public Schools Math Department is to promote life-long learning in order to increase numeracy skills and knowledge among all students. This will ultimately prepare students for further education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and allow students access to careers in these fields

  13. NHPS STEM • Math: • The language of STEM • 1 hr daily K-6 • Daily math instruction 7-12, 3 years math required high school, goal is for 4+ years. • 2011: 50% 8th graders take Algebra. • Focuses on problem solving, higher order thinking

  14. NHPS STEM: Science Mission • The mission of the New Haven Public Schools Science Department is to ensure that all students at all levels achieve science literacy,concepts and skills, for science is the key to their future.

  15. NHPS STEMScience • 100 minutes a week K-6, hands on, inquiry based science instruction. • Daily science 7-12, 3 years required, many take 4 years. • All take Phy/Chem, Biology, Chemistry. • Focus on inquiry skills, experimentation, use of science, technology in society.

  16. NHPS STEM:Technology/Engineering • Technology as a tool: collaboration, research, productivity, infused in all curriculum. • Career & Technical Education Programs integrate rigorous academics, skill-based knowledge and experiential opportunities which enable all students to make informed education and career decisions, realize their potential as productive members of their communities, and successfully compete in a global economy.

  17. Current NHPS STEM Programs • Too numerous to list all! • Include: • Dozens of higher ed STEM partnerships • STEM After school programs • STEM related competitions • Specialized STEM magnet schools and curriculum programs.

  18. STEM Mission • To ultimately prepare ALL students for further education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, allow ALL students access to careers in these fields, and prepare ALL students for the opportunities of the future.

  19. New Haven Public Schools STEM Committee • Ken Mathews, Mathematics • Richard Therrien, Science • Mary Ann O’Brien, Career/TechEd • Larry McDonnell, Technology • Michelle Wade, Communications • Charles Warner, AfterSchool • Robert Canelli, Magnet Resources • Katya Levitan-Reiner, Assessment

  20. STEM Forum • Introductions…….

  21. Breakout: STEM Skills • We need your help to: identify the key skills needed so we can align our programs and curriculum so students can meet the needs of their future, the needs of New Haven, CT, and the nation • YOU are the stakeholders!

  22. Breakout rules • We have assigned everyone to one of 7 groups. • We will present a question. • Spend 10 minutes discussing the question. • Assign a reporter from your group to report back your group’s findings.

  23. What does the future hold for NHPS students 15 years from now? Discuss for 10 minutes and prepare to report back

  24. What are the essential STEM skills necessary for NHPS students? Discuss for 10 minutes and prepare to report back

  25. How do NHPS students acquire these skills? Discuss for 10 minutes and prepare to report back

  26. What are the challenges and barriers that lie ahead? Discuss for 10 minutes and prepare to report back

  27. Prioritizing STEM Skills Prioritizing STEM skills

  28. We are now going to conduct a WALKABOUT! • With your group, find a poster that identifies Essential STEM skills necessary for NHPS students. • With your marker, put 1 star beside low priority skills, 2 stars beside medium priority skills, and 3 stars beside high priority skills. • After 4 minutes you will be asked to rotate clockwise to the next Essential STEM skills poster. • A summary of low, medium and high priority skills will be sent to you.

  29. Next Steps • NHPS STEM Advisory Board • STEM group evaluation of skills, measures of achievement • STEM group identification of programs • STEM evaluation of programs, STEM Center • Closing: Food