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Vacating Home – Keep Things in Mind PowerPoint Presentation
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Vacating Home – Keep Things in Mind

Vacating Home – Keep Things in Mind

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Vacating Home – Keep Things in Mind

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  1. Vacating Home – Keep Things in Mind

  2. Vacating Home Shifting house can be a tiring and emotional experience. Lots of things have to fall into place. Having been in the industry of dealing with vacate cleaning for a long time now, Clean with Care has a few tips that will help hopefully take the edge off the process.

  3. Try and organise your movers on a different day to your cleaning. Okay, so we are starting with the obvious one. Most vacuuming relies on suction, and due to the power of the engines and how carpet pile works most of the time it is only able to get dirt and dust off the surface of the carpet. While carpet is not very thick most of the time, even a few millimetres across an entire floor can house way more dirt than you appreciate. Due to introducing the liquid element the dirt from much lower in the pile gets agitated free and can be sucked up, meaning it literally cleans deeper.

  4. Check you bond agreement and condition report. A lot of people bump into problems when it comes to cleaning their place because they don’t really know what does and doesn’t need to be done. The most prominent example is carpets. Most tenant agreements will stipulate that the carpets need to be steam cleaned prior to exit… but not all of them do, especially if the carpets were not satisfactory when you arrived. Given that being particular and referring to the report is important. This is also true in furnished properties where it isn’t always clear what needs to be done with the furniture. Being aware of your obligations is an important part of moving.

  5. Consider hiring cleaners Yes, okay, we have a vested interest in this, but it is also generally just good advice. Between the shift, setting up the new place, organising all the other things like bond and facilities and even the potential time off work you’ll need for it the whole process can be overwhelming enough without the prospect of a day of cleaning ahead of you. When you hire a group be sure to confirm what their packages cover and what assurances and guarantees they offer. For example Clean with Care offers the guarantee that if there are any concerns with the cleaning undertaken they will return to the property to rectify them and also provide a full list of what will be covered so you can cross reference with your condition reports. Well organised this can take a huge burden off your shoulders

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