before zeroing in on a school for your child n.
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School Admission: Things Parents Should Keep in Mind PowerPoint Presentation
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School Admission: Things Parents Should Keep in Mind

School Admission: Things Parents Should Keep in Mind

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School Admission: Things Parents Should Keep in Mind

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  1. Before zeroing in on a school for your child

  2. School Admission It’s the season of admission. A good school ensures future success. So many parents are looking out for a school with best facilities and great atmosphere. Choosing the right school is quite a difficult task. Most of the parents go by either word of mouth or by references, while choosing a school. But it is necessary for parents to keep a few things in mind before finalising a school.

  3. 1.Is the school future ready? A child spends almost 14 years in a school. It is therefore important for parents to see whether the school is future ready or not. Children should be taught - ▪ The ability to learn,unlearn and relearn ▪ To be problem solvers and enhance their critical thinking ability ▪ to be team players

  4. 2.Are their teachers skilled enough? Many parents focus on infrastructure, curriculum and extracurricular activities of a child but forget to meet the teachers of the school. A student spends most of the time with the teacher so it becomes essential to know their teacher as well. Few points to be asked: ▪ Qualification of a teacher ▪ Experience of a teacher ▪ Do they get refresher training every year

  5. 3. Does learning happen outside the textbooks? We live in the era where a typical person is bombarded by information from a variety of sources. So if learning were confined to reciting lessons from textbooks and answering questions from the lesson, that would make kids unaware of their surroundings. So as a parent you should choose a school where learning happens from different modes like project work and hands-on activities other than the textbook.

  6. 4. How is technology used in classroom? At present, digital classrooms are becoming a norm in every school. With a set of videos,ppts and images it becomes easier for a teacher to explain and for students to understand things easily. Apart from this, parents should see whether the children are exposed to application of technology as opposed to just being taught features and functions

  7. 5.What is the value system of the school? It is important forschools to provide moral guidance to children, in addition to education. As a parent, you should notice whether the school preaches and practices, kindness, politeness and other moral values as well as whether the children encouraged to help people in need.

  8. Some schools in Bangalore which are future ready 1. Inventure Academy 2. Greenwood High 3. The International School Bangalore 4. Canadian International School 5. Trio World Academy

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