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Things Every AC Owner Should Keep in Mind

Here are the things every AC owner must keep in mind to ensure a better performance such as timely service of AC, air filter replacement, and the major one is the choice of right MERV rating for air filters.

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Things Every AC Owner Should Keep in Mind

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  1. Things every AC Owner Should Keep in Mind

  2. As summers are approaching and so is the need for air conditioning. In peak summers our bodies refuse to tolerate so much heat and the cool ac breeze is like icing on the cake. Well, we all know how to use ac but only a few of us do care about Ac life span. For a better ac performance, ac does need some care which many of us are not even aware of. Here are the few concerns one must have for their ac best performance-

  3. Get your ac serviced often Every ac must be serviced professionally at least once a year. This will let it get unclogged and get it ready for the hard work of summer season. Technicians will repair any inefficiencies or leakage. This will ensure a durable life span for your ac.

  4. Install air filters The thumb rule for a healthy inner atmosphere and better ac performance is to have a filter installed in it. This will ensure to keep allergies at bay. Also, make sure that you replace ac filter every 2 to 3 months to let it work efficiently.

  5. Use the right MERV rating filter for your ac use any filter or any ac. Every ac requirement for a filter is different and also every filter performance is different. A MERV rating is given to filter on the basis of their performance. The higher the filter rating the better is it’s performance. So use a higher MERV rating filter for better removal of particles from the air. Here are the tips for using MERV rating filters-

  6. For a normal filter process, MERV 6 is sufficient. • For an average home to check on allergies from molds and mites MERV 8 is fine. • For a home with pets and lots of activities, MERV 11 filter is recommended for a clean indoor. • If you want an exceptionally clean, free of even bacteria and the virus then MERV 13 should be installed.

  7. Keep a filter stock ready for your summer home, so that you don’t have to run to the market every time for buying filter in harsh summer and your family can stay in a clean, cool and healthy home environment. For reliable and excellent air filter which are true to their MERV rating contact MERV filters. They are popular and most trusted providers of high stranded filter for your air systems. They even manufacture custom air filters as per your size requirements. Place your order now or contact their support team for any query.

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