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Cleveland Roofers

Asphalt Shingles, Rolled Roofing, Metal Roofing, Green Roof, Slate Shingles these all are different types of roofing to make your house different and beautiful.

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Cleveland Roofers

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  1. Asphalt Shingles, Rolled Roofing, Metal Roofing, Green Roof, Slate Shingles these all are different types of roofing to make your house different and beautiful. Whichever type you choose, you should always hire professionals for roofing installations, and also for maintenance and repair if you need it. Cleveland Roofers, has the team of professional staff how do you know all the environmental and other aspects that affect your roofs. We offer you the roofing services with 100% satisfaction. We provide high quality peak roofing with the professionals team. Our team is skilled and experienced and will add extra to your satisfaction when completing your roofing project. We have a superb Akron Roofing record of success based on years of professional performance. When selecting our residential roofing services, invest in quality building methods. You also get excellent performance and reliability. As an experienced roofing contractor with a diverse skill set, we are equipped to serve customers who may prefer alternative roofing systems. we provide the following roofing services: Construction & Renovation New Construction Exterior & Interior Residential Roofing Commercial Roofing Emergency Roofing

  2. Your roof is the most important part of building your home to protect you and your family from the weather. Whether you need a reliable roof for your newly built home or repair for damage caused by storms, the skilled team of Cleveland Roofer is always ready. Roof Ridge Vent Effective attic ventilation can help eliminate excessive heat and humidity that can build up in your attic. Excessive heat and humidity can cause a host of problems such as ice dams, premature shingle failure, lower insulating R-values, higher energy bills and many other problems. To help avoid these problems you may want to consider installing some type of attic ventilation system on your new roof. You just need to contact with the professionals and we have a very good reputation in cleveland roofing services so feel free to ask if you need our assistance at any time. One of the best systems for ventilating the heat and humidity from your attic is to install a roof ridge vent. This system is designed to work in conjunction with under eave soffit ventilation. If your home lacks soffits ventilation or the soffit area is solid (non venting) you will want to have a qualified contractor install some type of soffit ventilation. The other important things which can make your house more beautiful with the roofing are: Siding oVinyl Siding oCement Board Siding

  3. Ventilation Attic insulation Roofingwarranties Why Triple Peaks Roofing is Different… We offer CertainTeed shingles, which carry a lifetime warranty of 50-years with the first 10 years covered at 100% labor and materials before it is pro-rated. As great as this is, it still doesn’t cover tear- off, hauling fees, underlayment or metal work that might be needed to complete warranty work. Our peak roofing company is within the top 1% of this industry. We hold a certification that classifies us as Select-Shingle-Master Company. This means we can offer you a true “Lifetime” warranty. Instead of losing your investment if something goes wrong, you have a 50-year NON-Prorated warranty with 25 of those years including the workmanship on the job. This warranty covers the workmanship for 25-years and the materials, labor, disposal and Tear-Off for 50-years. You can’t ask for a better warranty! You can transfer this warranty up to the first 15-years to the next homeowner and they have the next 35 years of worry free Roofing. At the estimate we will provide you with more information on all of our products and available roofing warranties.

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