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The Roofers

The Roofers, a roofing company Toronto comprise of a professional team of Toronto roof contractors that have been providing top quality services for over 10 years to Toronto and the surrounding areas. We take great pride in our quality of work and high standards that we adhere too.

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The Roofers

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  1. About us We, a team of professional Toronto roof contractors that have been providing top quality services for over 10 years to Toronto and the surrounding areas. We are committed to offer the highest quality of service implementing the use of high standard materials and supported with impressive roof warranty based on workmanship. 2

  2. Services 1 2 3 4 3

  3. Leak Repair Nobody likes the thought of having to deal with roof repairs. If left unattended, a simple roofing leak can easily become a much more serious problem. No matter at what level of damage your roof has reached; however, our Toronto professional roofing contractor’s can quickly and efficiently fix roof leaks. 4

  4. Generally, all are smart enough to have roof inspection performed regularly. Ideally, roof inspection should be done by expert professional roofing contractors. Many flaws or minor problems can be missed by the untrained eye that can lead to serious type of repair. 5

  5. One of the most distressing problems as a homeowner is when you have to deal with roof repairs. A very small hole can soon lead to devastating internal damage that may lead to water leakage. This is a problem though that is easily attended to by our professional roofing contractors Toronto. 6 6

  6. One of the biggest responsibilities to keep a home in shape is attending to the needs of the roof. If a full roof replacement has been deemed necessary, then you can be assured that you will feel like utilizing the services of The Roofers. Our team of Toronto roofers is able to provide superior roof repair service based on many attributes they possess. 7

  7. Residential Proofing Deciding on residential roofing services is a big responsibility for the homeowner. According to your requirement of shingle roof or other type, our residential roofing contractors have the potential to provide standard roof services, Toronto with high quality materials and workforce. The Roofers is a residential roofing company 8 8

  8. Commercial Roofing The Roofers, a commercial roofing company comprise of professional Roofing contractors that are experts at providing commercial roof services with no interruption to your business. We are the leading commercial specialists when it comes to the Toronto roof needs, not only for Metropolitan Toronto, but the GTA as well 9

  9. Reason to choose 1. All roofing contractor’s in The Roofers, a roofing company Toronto are covered under WSIB and carry certification for workplace safety standards. 2. The Roofing company Toronto, The Roofers carries $5,000,000 liability insurance with RSA. 3. The Roofers is a member of the Better Business Bureau. 4. All roofing contractor’s are employed by The Roofers and supervised at all times. 5. A strong work ethic and strict code of conduct for our roofing contractor’s. 10

  10. 5 ways To Spot A Fly-By-Night Roofing Contractor 1) Unprofessional manner and attire and a lack of proper communication and knowledge of roofing systems. If the contractor cannot answer your questions, walk away. 2) One or two guys working out of a cargo-van with magnets advertising they are roofing contractors. Those magnets come off, as easy as they come on. 3) Below-average pricing on the proposed work. A good roofing contractor is not looking to just make a quick dollar today. 4) If the contractor tells you they can start tomorrow or immediately,be cautious. A GOOD roofing contractor will be in high-demand and may not be able to start immediately. 5) An established company would have invested a great deal in their company. Look for things like a proper website, nice vehicles, professional attire and presentation. 11

  11. Gallery New Market Roofing King city Toronto Roofing Maple Roofing 12

  12. Design Your Roof IKO GAF CertainTeed 13

  13. Contact Us Office Address: The Roofers 10735 Jane Street,Maple, ON, Canada, L6A 1S1. Phone: 416-858-0400 Fax : 905-553-4950 Visitus:http://www.theroofers.ca Contact Email: info@theroofers.ca 14

  14. Thank You TheRoofers Make Presentation much more fun

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