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Ideas for Horror movies

Ideas for Horror movies

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Ideas for Horror movies

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  1. Ideas for Horror movies Idea One: The holy house. Single mum with small child moved to a house converted from an old church. Haunted by an old woman who died trying to protect the church before it was converted. Idea Two: The death line. Teens out from a late night on train, train stops in country, lights go out, they find no one on the train. They spit up to try and find help and come across a haunted shack by the railway. Ghost of old rail-line porter.

  2. Final idea • Idea Three: The white van. Teenage girl sneak out to meet her boyfriend and get stalked by a white van in the early hours of the morning, The girl dies and her friend wants to find out more and discovers similar deaths all over the country. Diggs deeper and discovers the killers in the white van all look similar, realises they are all the same. Her friends boyfriend is the only one who believes her but warns her that the man is too dangerous to try and track down. The girl ignores the warning and tries to track him down but he notices and is intent on killing her to get the evidence away from him. She nearly dies, wakes up in hospital and finds she was saved by her friend’s boyfriend who had called the police. The guy in the van gets caught and put in prison. Swears to get revenge. • Idea for sequel: years later, the Man gets let out of prison for good behaviour and is determined to get revenge by killing her daughter in the same way.

  3. Act one • Opening sequence-happy family, the parents are watching the news and we hear it in the background telling us about the rising number of missing teenage girls across the country. But the focus is off the news and on Sammy saying goodnight to her parents before going to bed. When the parents are asleep at around 2am she sneaks out a window whilst on the phone to her friend Jenn and talks to her about her boyfriend Jake who she’s going to meet. On the road she is walking down there is a white van parked in front of her, as she approaches it the lights and engine lights up and paranoid she turns into a lane, she sees the van turning down the lane and runs down an alleyway, halfway up she stops and looks back, the van has stopped outside the ally and the van door opens. She starts to run again and the camera is shown from the man who is chasing’s point of view, so the audience can’t see his face. The girl trips over and the man approaches, she screams and the camera (representing the man) moves closer. Blackout. Title comes up on screen.

  4. College assembly, teacher is giving a speech about Sammy’s disappearance and warning that the students should be aware of their surroundings and be more careful. Bell rings and camera focuses on Jenn and Jake talking about Sammy- they make a pact to find her. • Later that evening Jenn is on her computer looking up missing teenagers and discovers that there are similar missing cases that have occurred in a recurring pattern. Her mum comes in telling her dinner is ready and discovers what Jenn is searching, they get in an argument because her mum is saying that she is just making things worse. Jenn continues to research and finds that at each teenage missing case a white van has been seen driving away. Then she discovers a video on youtube about a man who stalks, kidnaps then horribly murders girls between the age of 15-20 in a white van.

  5. Act 2 • Jenn goes to Jake and they both tell Sammy’s family and the police about the white van kidnapper theory but people just think they’re being paranoid. Jenn wants to track the man down herself but Jake tells her that she should drop the idea because it would be too dangerous. • Jenn is determined to find the outcome of her friend so drives to the last known dwelling of the man with the white van. Here she finds a gruesome torture lab and torn, blood stained papers littering the floor. She searches through the papers and discovers the next location of the white van stalker. There is only one problem, she was unaware of a camera in the house- the man was watching her and knows she is trying to find him.

  6. She starts to drive to where he is, not realising that there is a white van following her. Drives to the address she found , an abandoned warehouse. Finds her friend strapped down to hospital like bed, deformed by her torturing. Jenn rushes to her and Sammy is just able to whisper “he knows, Jenn he knows. Get out of here”, Jenn turns around and sees the man standing behind her. He grabs her.

  7. Act 3 • Jenn wakes up in the same hospital bed as the one Sammy was in and looks around the man’s not there but all his victims are, their bodies cut up and put in jars, or something similar. Including her friend. The man comes in, Jenn screams “why?!” and its revealed that the man’s own daughter had been kidnapped but the police didn’t take the case seriously enough, he thinks that by doing this people would be more aware and police would take missing cases more seriously. The man is about to kill Jenn but just before he does, police come and arrest him. Before he is dragged off he swears he will get Jenn eventually. It turns out that when Jake heard Jenn was missing he suspected her looking for Sammy and called for help. The man is submitted to a mental hospital.

  8. Unique selling point • Kidnapping has been in the news quite a lot recently, people are more scared of it than usual. • There’s gore involved in the film which the audience expects • Something like this could actually happen-teenagers sneaking out is something people can relate to. • Can be made into a sequel, more money.