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Watch Horror Movies Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Watch Horror Movies Online

Watch Horror Movies Online

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Watch Horror Movies Online

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  1. Watch Horror Movies Online

  2. Introduction Horror stories could be narrated through different mediums like novels, comics, stories, television shows etc. We will focus on horror movies.

  3. Horror films available to watch on ViewLorium includes : The Dead Next Door Almost Invisible Death Of A Ghost Hunter Mr. Jingles

  4. The Dead Next Door A world wide epidemic fills the streets with walking corpses. Raimi, Mercer, Kuller, and others are assigned the task of finding cure to the epidemic. Will they succeed or will they be defeated by destiny? Star Cast : Pete Ferry, Bogdan Pecic, Michael Grossi

  5. Death of a Ghost Hunter Paranormal activity has been noted in a house where minister Joseph Masterson and his family had been murdered. Popular ghost hunter Carter Simms has been offered $5,000 to investigate the matter. Enjoy this riveting thriller! Star Cast : Patti Tindall, Davina Joy, Mike Marsh, William McMinn, Lindsay Page

  6. Almost Invisible To escape from their college workload, innocent teenagers turn their party in to a home wrecking. A series of unexpected events occur in this enchanting tale of one girl learning to get out of her past. Star Cast : Jeremy Russell, Hillary Barnett, Kevin Murphy

  7. Mr. Jingles A man imprisoned for no fault, vows to take revenge from the guilty. The families of the guilty fall prey to his blood thirst. Only Angie Randal manages to survive this clown known as Mr Jingles. But she too loses her mental balance and becomes a ward of the state psychiatric hospital. Star Cast : John Anton, Jacob Bailey, James Block

  8. Thanks For Watching Presented By ViewLorium