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  1. "Twofold Impact," the $15-million activity film in which Van Damme assumes double parts, opened well Aug. 9 and has netted $15.3 million and the 30-year-old Belgian karate champion and kickboxer is as of now shooting his next film, "General Soldier," a Carolco venture and the principal film in a reputed eight-picture manage Columbia Pictures and Carolco. Fmovies Albeit nobody at Columbia will affirm the correct subtle elements of the Van Damme bargain, Michael Nathanson, Columbia's head of generation, says the organization has a dedication with Van Damme that "the following three or four or five pictures will be specifically financed and delivered by us." Two more will be created via Carolco, whose photos are circulated by Tri-Star, which is possessed, similar to Columbia, by Sony Pictures Entertainment. "Twofold Impact" was a co-creation amongst Columbia and Michael Douglas' Stone Group. His protectors say it's not only a matter of muscles. "I think what gives him the likelihood of being an immense star (is) you take a gander at Jean-Claude (and see) a person particularly like Arnold. When he flashes that smile. . . ," says Craig Baumgarten, once official VP of generation at twentieth Century Fox and now the maker of "Widespread Soldier," a $23-million task about a couple of super-fighters featuring Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Los Angeles Times Thursday August 29, 1991 Home Edition Calendar Part F Page 9 Column 6 Entertainment Desk 2 inches; 45 words Type of Material: Correction Wrong figures- - "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" earned $6 million in its first seven day stretch of discharge in France; "Twofold Impact" netted $3 million its first week in France. A story in Calendar on Aug. 20 erroneously expressed that "Twofold Impact" netted more than "Robin Hood" in the motion pictures' separate opening a long time in France. Nathanson concurs. "He has a mind blowing and uncanny capacity to beguile, and we will exploit that." Also, Nathanson includes, "He's as of now a star. He as of now has a base of notoriety that is momentous, in this nation as well as abroad." Van Damme's string of low- spending films started in 1987 with "Bloodsport" and incorporate "Cyborg," "Passing Warrant," "Kickboxer" and "Lionheart." All of them did well abroad; "Twofold Impact" had a $3-million opening end of the week in France, greater numbers there than "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." The present low-spending activity class has advanced from the shortsighted retribution stories of Westerns into classifications including war subjects ("Rambo"), outsider and science fiction ("Predator," "Eliminator"), dream ("Masters of the Universe") and hand

  2. to hand fighting (Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris motion pictures). "Wily (Stallone) and Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and on a lesser level (Charles) Bronson made it a contemporary classification," Baumgarten includes. "They made it something that didn't need to be Old Western or sci-fi. "Truly, it was 'Rambo,' " Baumgarten says. " 'Rambo' detonated the class. It made an overwhelming sort of saint. Out of the blue, in a contemporary field, you can have this overwhelming, relatively comic book saint. 'Rambo,' I think, did $150 million. No one idea you could do that sort of business." Hollywood got on rapidly; nobody, maybe, more energetically than Menachem Golan's Cannon Pictures, which in the '80s wrenched out "Finished the Top" with Stallone, "Lost without a trace" with Chuck Norris and "Experts of the Universe" with Dolph Lundgren. Norris, and later Seagal, conveyed standard gatherings of people to hand to hand fighting motion pictures - in huge numbers. Be that as it may, the recipe needs a star to work. What isolates the most recent hunk from the wellbeing club from fame? "None of us truly knows," Baumgarten includes. "Does it occur with Jeff Speakman (whose "Flawless Weapon" has made $14 million so far in this nation however is just currently opening abroad) and Dolph Lundgren and whatever remains of them? We're all speculating." Baumgarten, who was at Fox when the studio took a risk on Bruce Willis in "Obstinate," supposes he recognizes what makes an effective saint: "What made Arnold a gigantic star is a sure allure and availability," he says. "People are pulled in to him and to his motion pictures, and I imagine that is not valid with a great deal of these different folks." In any case, neither Stallone nor Schwarzenegger came up the karate course, which can be constraining for an on-screen character. Watch Online Movies "The issue with American hand to hand fighting movies is that they are still Westerns. It's still 'You have until dusk to escape town,' " says John Soet, editorial manager of "Inside Karate" and "Activity Film," who holds both a twofold dark belt and a graduate degree in film from USC.

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