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Piper Hands Free Back up tool

Line of Fire Tool Presentation. Piper Hands Free Back up tool. Common practice. Requires two hands for use, with exposure to LOF once bolts break loose. Piper tool fastening procedure. Click on video above for tool demonstration. Piper tool fastening procedure.

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Piper Hands Free Back up tool

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  1. Created by the TOCAS LOF Team Line of Fire Tool Presentation Piper Hands Free Back up tool

  2. Common practice Requires two hands for use, with exposure to LOF once bolts break loose.

  3. Piper tool fastening procedure Click on video above for tool demonstration

  4. Piper tool fastening procedure Piper®Tool Fastening Procedure 1. Push the PIPER tool over the nut or bolt head intended for the back-up device. Make sure full contact is made and the right angle lip on the PIPER is in proper contact with the outer diameter on the flange.2. Attach a suitable tether to the ring on the PIPER. Attach the other end to a stationary object. As in any fastening operation, make sure the area below is barricaded and clear.3. The fastening operation is now ready. For hands free back-up. Keep the hands free of the PIPER and apply necessary torque to the opposing side of the fastener. 4. Upon completion of tightening, the PIPER may be removed by hand. If necessary, a hammer can be used against the strike place of the tool for removal. Use the smallest hammer necessary. Make sure your tether is secure before removal begins.

  5. Piper tool fastening procedure, cont. 5. The PIPER is designed to enhance safety and effectiveness in the workplace. Proper care of the PIPER as a quality tool should be maintained.6. During the course of operating the PIPER tool, if more or less tension on the “ball detent” is required, remove the cap protecting the threads with an allen wrench. Adjust the depth with a screw driver (or for the 2-3/4” size, an allen wrench).7. The PIPER tool is designed for torqueing, tightening, and loosening of flange bolted connections.  While a very superior tool designed for enhanced safety and efficiency.  The PIPER is not recommended for use in any abusive action that veers from reasonable safety practices, such as intentional stud shearing usually far exceeding torque safety factors resulting in possible damage of components involved and possible injury.  Responsible use of the PIPER allows the craftsman valuable assistance providing a safer and more productive day.

  6. For Maintenance jobs the Piper Backup tool is available at the Dow Freeport Tool Room (must have Work Order to check out). • Check with your company tool room for availability. • For purchase or maintenance of tools you can contact: SPECIALTY MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS AT (713) 667-4402 mailto:sales@smptools.com Where can we find it?

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