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Partnering Day C4ISR Opening Remarks by BG Anderson, USASAC Commander . Back - Up. 1. Objectives of Security Assistance

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  1. Partnering Day C4ISR Opening Remarks by BG Anderson, USASAC Commander Back - Up 1

  2. Objectives of Security Assistance • Support U.S. national-security interests (Political, Military, economic) and strengthen the military capability of selected friendly and allied countries by enabling them to: 1- Contribute to collective security and deterrence 2- Defend against external threats 3- Maintain regional military balances and defense postures 4- Enhance internal security • Foster favorable attitudes toward the United States and its policies • Encourage friends and allies to pursue national objectives compatible with U.S. foreign policy and military strategy • Assist in obtaining and maintaining the necessary base rights, authorizations, and facility arrangements at key foreign locations for U.S. and allied forces • Encourage other nations to develop and rely on their own defense, thus reducing the need to commit U.S. forces in local crisis situations • Support and maintain the U.S. Defense industrial base • Encourage respect for international recognized human rights 2

  3. USASAC Vision USASAC will be valued by the Army and recognized by DOD as a world class leader to the US Army's International Partners in the management of the Materiel Programs and SecurityAssistance to integrate, and if necessary, transform their military into capable fighting forces that contribute to and support our Army in its Transformation to a more responsive, agile, and strategically deployable military force. We are a dedicated, highly skilled work force that is committed to the readiness and sustainment of the systems provided to our International Partners. We will continue as a high performance command, partnered with Industry, the Acquisition community and characterized by a climate of excellence, fairness and accessibility in a global environment. 3

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  5. Never have commanders had more ability to exercise increased direct control, yet never have they had more reason not to do so - information is the springboard of initiative and independent action. Using information technologies to empower subordinates has the potential to increase the tempo of operations beyond the level at which our adversaries can hope to respond. FM 6-0, Command and Control 5

  6. The GIG is the globally interconnected set of information capabilities, processes, and personnel for collecting, processing, storing, disseminating and managing information on demand to warfighters, policymakers, and support personnel.

  7. "No captain can be far wrong who places his ship alongside that of an enemy..." Admiral Horatio Nelson "March to the sound of guns..." Napoleon 7

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