how neodymium magnets ndfeb real super magnets n.
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How Neodymium-Magnets (NdFeB) - real Super magnets! PowerPoint Presentation
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How Neodymium-Magnets (NdFeB) - real Super magnets!

How Neodymium-Magnets (NdFeB) - real Super magnets!

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How Neodymium-Magnets (NdFeB) - real Super magnets!

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  1. How Neodymium-Magnets (NdFeB) - real Super magnets!

  2. With the name of magnets neodymium iron boron, or NdFeB magnets Neodymium magnets can be found on the market. Industrial Magnet is a part of that category of materials known as rare earths. The name of the rare earths is not because to their concentration in nature but to the difficulty which occurs in the separation of these from other materials with which they are linked through chemical bonds. For this reason, it can be said that the magnetic force is among the most powerful, this power is found already in a magnet of few centimeters but are not the cheapest. Looking for the form most suited to you is something that you should look for.

  3. We offer the following forms: cylinders, cones, rings, disks, cuboids and blocks, cubes and spheres. Even the self-adhesive magnets are versatile for many uses because they stick practically everywhere. It should be handled with care For home use the rare earth magnets are also popular. For safety and for the proper use of magnets just be careful and follow a few instructions. Because of their strength is not advisable to let people with peace-maker use them or use theneodymium magnets near flames. It is not at all recommended to let children get in contact with big neodymium magnets, welding is forbidden.

  4. Our magnets are generally used to make a lot of experiments or create small objects or by putting many different shapes together such as spheres, cubes and parallelepipeds you can create a decorative object. You can try and pick up needles or pieces of metal or you will be surprised of all the things that remain attached to your neodymium disc during a walk.

  5. To almost all types of surfaces the adhesive rare earth magnets will stick. Just take off the protective film and attach the magnet and in combination with a magnet of the same kind use it as a practice closure. In alternative medicine the rings are used, thanks to the different models and measures for diameter and thickness offer a wide range of use.

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