the stag e s of coffee processing by cloudcatcher n.
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Best Filter Coffee in Malaysia by Cloudcatcher Asia PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Filter Coffee in Malaysia by Cloudcatcher Asia

Best Filter Coffee in Malaysia by Cloudcatcher Asia

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Best Filter Coffee in Malaysia by Cloudcatcher Asia

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  1. Thestagesof Coffee processing By : Cloudcatcher Asia

  2. Aftersprouting, the seedlings are removed from the seed bed to be planted in individualpots in carefully formulated soils.They will be watered frequently and shadedfrom bright sunlight. Planting often takesplace during the wet season, so that the soil aroundtheyoung treesremains. Coffee Manufacturer in Malaysia

  3. Depending on the variety,itwilltake approximately 3 or 4 years for the newly plantedcoffee trees tobegintobear fruit.The fruit, called the coffee cherry, turns a bright,deep red when it is ripe and ready to beharvested. Allcoffeeis harvested in one oftwo ways: a) Strippicked b) Selectivelypicked… Green Coffee Malaysia

  4. The entire crop is harvested at one time. This can either be donebymachineorbyhand.In either case, all of the cherries are stripped off ofthebranchat one time. b)Selectivelypicked Only the ripe cherries are harvestedand theyarepickedindividually byhand.Pickers rotate among the trees every 8- 10days,choosingonly the cherries which are at the peak ofripeness.Becausethiskindofharvestislabor intensive, and thus more costly, it is used primarily to harvest the finer Arabica beans. Green Coffee Distributors

  5. Coffee isprocessedintwo ways: • The DryMethod • The freshly picked cherries are simplyspread out onhuge • surfaces to dry in the sun. In order to prevent the cherries from spoiling, they are raked and turned throughout the day.When • themoisture content of the cherries drops to 11 percent, the dried cherries aremoved • to warehouses where theyare • stored. Wholesale Green Beans

  6. The freshly harvestedcherries arepassedthrough a pulping machine where the skin and pulp is separated from the bean.The pulp is washed away with water, usuallytobe dried.The beans are separated by weight as they are conveyed through water channels,the lighter beans floating to the top, while the heavier, ripe beans sink to thebottom. Wholesale Roasted Coffee

  7. Hulling • Machines are used to remove the parchment layer (endocarp) from wet processedcoffee. • Grading &Sorting • Before being exported, the coffee beans will be even more precisely sorted by size and weight. They will also be closely evaluated for color flaws or other imperfections. Coffee Bean Malaysia

  8. The milled beans, now referred to as 'green coffee,' are ready to be loadedonto ships for transport to the importing country.Green coffee is shipped in jute bags which areloaded into shipping containers, or it is bulk shippedinsideplastic-lined containers. Approximately seven million tons of green coffeeisproduced worldwide eachyear. Wholesale Coffee

  9. Roasting transformsgreen • coffee into the aromatic brown beans that we purchase,either wholeor • already ground, in ourfavorite • stores. Mostroasting • Machines maintainatemperature of about 550 degreesFahrenheit.The beans arekeptmoving • throughout the entireprocess • to keep them from burningand • whentheyreach an internal temperature of about 400 degrees, they begin to turn brownandthe caffeol, oroil,locked inside the beans begins toemerge. Coffee Roastery

  10. The objective of a proper grind is to get the most flavor in a cup of coffee. How coarse or fine the coffee is ground depends on the method by which the coffee is to be brewed. Generally, the finer the grind the more quickly the coffee should be prepared. That is why coffee ground for use in an espresso machine is much finer than coffee which will be brewed in a drip system. Coffee Bean Singapore

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