1st and 2nd year courses 2 75 min n.
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1st and 2nd year courses: 2.75 min! PowerPoint Presentation
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1st and 2nd year courses: 2.75 min!

1st and 2nd year courses: 2.75 min!

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1st and 2nd year courses: 2.75 min!

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  1. 1st and 2nd year courses: 2.75 min! Math 3A. Calculus w/ Applications I Math 3B. Calculus w/Applications II Math 3C. Differential Eq/Linear Algebra I Math 5A. Differential Eq/Linear Algebra II Math 5B. Vector Calculus w/ Applications PSTAT 120A. Probability and Statistics CS8. Introduction to Computer Science (Python) CS16. Problem Solving with Computers I (C) CS24. Problem Solving with Computers II (C++) CS32. Object-Oriented Design & Implementation (C++) CS40. Foundations in Computer Science----------------------------------------- CS48. Computer Science Project (C++) CS56. Advanced Applications Programming (Java) CS64. Computer Organization & Logic Design } BSonly CS8 CS8 3A 3A BS degree 3B 3B CS16 CS16 BA degrees 3C 3C CS24 CS24 5A 5A 120A 120A CS32 CS32 CS40 5B 5B CS40 CS64 CS48 CS56

  2. Ice breakers: Where did you go to high school? What is your declared major now? If CS, ask BS or BA Why are you interested in CS? Introduce yourself--where you went to HS, College, Grad School, andsomething about your research. Advice from Greta:For freshman, don’t assume they “know”and they may be embarrassed to askWatch for “deer in headlights” lookBack up if they seem lost. BS vs BA vs CCS BS: best for most students BA: like a double major with econ, bio, or geography CCS: advanced only, research emphasis Job outlook: great CS jobs: not just sitting in cubicles coding Need communication and people skills too (explain why) CS vs. CE vs EEA gross oversimplification: CS: software, EE: hardware, CE: some of both What Courses Should I Be Taking Refer to the chart above and thesample schedule 2.75GPA needed to enter major, over:Math 3ABC, 5AB, PSTAT120A, and[ CS 16/24/32/40/48/56/64 (BS)or CS 16/24/32/40 (BA) ] 3.0 for pre-major (4 courses, >=2 from CS list) Double majors (send them to Phill) two CoE majors: not allowed with L&S major, not impossible, but hard must satify BOTH gen eds Minors from L&S (no CoE minors): not as hard as double major only need gen ed that goes with major 5 Year BS/MS apply when you’ve completedno less than 3, no more than 8 UD courses Quick referenceAlso visit: students to: