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Nintendo Wii U Available in Europe This Christmas PowerPoint Presentation
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Nintendo Wii U Available in Europe This Christmas

Nintendo Wii U Available in Europe This Christmas

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Nintendo Wii U Available in Europe This Christmas

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  2. A Review On The Upcoming Wii U Games Nintendo fans will be getting a new gaming system from their beloved game company. The new Nintendo Wii U will be ready to launch by the fall of this year. It is no secret that Nintendo is releasing different features within this gaming system to replicate the good results of its past products. All the avid gamers appear quite excited about the latest Nintendo Wii U. So, we thought of expressing our thoughts about some of the top rated game titles for Wii U. Let's talk about the top game of Nintendo. You guessed it right! We're referring to the FIFA series. The upcoming FIFA game for Nintendo Wii U is known as FIFA 13. The Wii U controllers are believed to add a whole new dimension to the FIFA game play, introducing new collection of skills as well as moves to the game enthusiasts. The touchscreen will give more ease and exhilaration to the gamers. You'll get a chance to set the direction as well as weight of the moves and control the tempo of your game. Surprisingly, you will be able to talk to other people within the field and bring up your concerns about various matters of the game. These types of features make the FIFA 13 an awesome video game for Wii U purchasers. The arcade genre is not complete if we fail to point out ‘Tekken’ among others. Once more, Namco promises to make this game a thrilling treat for arcade games' enthusiasts. The game will have many new features like the capacity to create personalized combos as well as attacks, which will help make it more interesting. The game will have a much better artificial intelligence engine, which won't let you get away with random kicks as well as punches. Alternatively, you will be expected to hone your skill set to be successful. The next Nintendo Wii U game that will impress the Nintendo fans is Assasin's creed. Having a stunning setup of the ancient age combined with an incredible attention to detail, Assassin’s Creed is one of the best video games of its category. The new controller and graphics engine of Wii U will make the gameplay more suave. The latest release is set to win hearts of the gamers for its new tales regarding the game figures as well as a vibrant game play. Finally, no games list is complete without our traditional first person shooter. Battlefield is one of the most played war game of our time. The game is recognized for its superior war techniques as well as superior control for gamer. You could play this particular war game according to your own tastes. The prominent developer of this game, Electronic Arts, has promised to give new as well as appealing features in this game. These and other Nintendo Wii U games have raised the interest of game community. These game titles are going to be welcomed with open arms. To get a free Wii U, you must check out Wii U Site.