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  1. Geography

  2. 5 Themes of Geography

  3. Understand the 5 Themes of Geography Identify the 5 themes of geography in questions, graphics and text. Create questions for the 5 themes of geography. Kids Place: GeoNet Agenda

  4. “All children are born with an innate curiosity about the world around them.  They love to explore and find out – to question and learn.  We don’t usually refer to children as geographers, but in fact that is what they are – young geographers.  They do exactly what geographers do.  They look at the world and ask questions about who does what, where and why.  They are curious about why the world looks as it does and how that affects their lives.  That is the work of geographers.”

  5. “The word geography, which comes from the Greek words which mean “to write about the Earth,” should convey a sense of the excitement and adventure of discovery.”

  6. Wyss’ Pieces: Geography 101

  7. Scan of R26 without descriptions for each and intro paragraph

  8. On which continent is the United States located?

  9. What is a glacier? What do we call a trading center where goods are loaded onto and taken off ships?

  10. Why is the coastal plain a good place for farming? What are stones from quarries used for?

  11. From which continent did most immigrants arrive during the 1800’s and early 1900’s? How did trains help soldiers during the civil war?

  12. How is the climate of a coastal region different from the climate of an inland region? What is a municipal government?

  13. After each question, record the theme. Let’s look in the Teacher Edition. How do the text and graphics support each theme of geography? You Try It!

  14. Let’s look in the Teacher Edition. How do the text and graphics support each theme of geography? Record pictures and/or text for each theme. Write one question based on a picture or text to address each theme You Try It!