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Geography 111: Human Geography PowerPoint Presentation
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Geography 111: Human Geography

Geography 111: Human Geography

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Geography 111: Human Geography

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  1. Geography 111:Human Geography

  2. Office Hours JEFF DEGRAVE 140 Phillips Hall 2:00pm - 3:00pm M, W 4:15pm – 5:00pm M -OR- by appointment Tel: 836-4471 Email: Syllabus:

  3. My Philosophy Your Education = Your Job

  4. Who am I?

  5. Born in Green Bay

  6. Green Bay is the largestBelgian immigrant settlementin the United States • Famous Belgians: • Curly Lambeau • Gerardus Mercator (???) • Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin (both former #1 ranked tennis players in the world) • Jacques Rogge: Recent head of the IOC • Liz Claiborne • Audrey Hepburn • Henry Ford (of Belgian descent) • The Smurfs

  7. Graduated High School in Toledo, Ohio • Eau Claire • Toledo

  8. Undergraduate:Ohio University(Athens, OH) Graduate:Florida State University(Tallahassee, FL) Currently:U of Minnesota(Ph. D Candidate)

  9. Things I like: Dark Chocolate Unique Architecture Old Stuff Traveling Cultures of the World

  10. Honduras

  11. Laos

  12. HUGO

  13. Things IDO NOT like: • Hot Dogs • Baloney • CHEATING!

  14. What is cheating? • Referred to as “Academic Misconduct” • Comes in a wide variety of forms, techniques, definitions—see syllabus • What is “plagiarism?” • Q: Is cutting and pasting information off the Internet without citing your source considered to be plagiarism? YES!!

  15. Questions?

  16. Things we’ll learn about this semester… • How to read a map • Globalization and World Economics • Nations and States • Languages of the world • Religions of the world • Immigration and Ethnicity • Colonization and Political Geography • And so much more!

  17. But what do you know already? • What country is home to the most Muslims? • What is the largest immigrant group in the U.S.? • What is the most widely spoken language in the world? • What is the only OPEC country in the Western Hemisphere? • Second to Warsaw, Poland, what city has the highest population of Polish ancestry? • What country has the largest English speaking population? • What is the smallest (in square miles) country on Earth?

  18. How’d you do? Indonesia Germans Chinese (Mandarin) Venezuela Chicago India Vatican City Country with most Muslims: Largest immigrant group in the U.S.: Most widely spoken language: Only OPEC country in the Western Hemisphere: What city has the highest population of Polish ancestry: Country with largest English speaking population: Smallest (in square miles) country on Earth:

  19. Getting Started:The Basics

  20. Geography=Fun!

  21. WhatISGeography?(“geo” = earth “graphien” = to write) “Writing of the Earth” • Just memorizing place names and boundaries? (No! You need to learn their spatial context) • Only where things and people are located? (No! You need basic descriptive background)

  22. Geography: It’s all relative.

  23. Geography is aSYNTHESISof many fields of study Computer Science Geology Anthropology History Ethnic Studies Women’s Studies GEOGRAPHY Archaeology Demography Political Science Statistics Sociology Hydrology

  24. Geography is about... • Wherethings and people are: • Spatially • Relatively • Why things and people are where they are. • What the relationship or interaction is between people, things and place.

  25. Does Geography Matter?

  26. NEW ORLEANS, 2005

  27. NEW ORLEANS, 2014

  28. Most of New Orleans lies below sea level French Quarter ($$$) 9th Ward

  29. When the levee system protecting New Orleans failed, water flowed into the city, filling it up. It could not drain out without the assistance of pumps because the city is below sea level.

  30. If areas such as the 9th Ward in New Orleans are rebuilt, they will flood again since they are below sea level.

  31. To build or not to rebuild? • People’s lives, homes, families, histories • Economics: Repairs, Protection • Future Risk

  32. Q: If you choose to rebuild, how do you prevent a Katrina-like disaster from occurring again? A: Call the people with the wooden shoes. But why?

  33. The Netherlands • “Nether” = Below, Beneath, Lower • The Netherlands had and continues to have a VERY high population density • They needed more land so… • They took it from the sea. • Today, more than 2/3 of the country is below sea level.

  34. The Maeslant and the Eastern Schelde Storm Surge Barriers Because the Dutch have dealt with living below sea level for centuries, their flood prevention engineering and technology is unparalleled. Maeslant Barrier Schelde Barrier

  35. Many Dutch Engineers assisting the U.S. with rebuilding of levees in New Orleans…and they worked! Dutch Ambassador inspecting damage Dutch Engineer, JurjenBattjes on-site

  36. CONCLUSION:GeographyMatters!

  37. Human (or Cultural) Geography Fields of Geography Physical Geography Geography crosses the human-nature border

  38. Paris-sur-la-Seine Eau Claire sur-la-Chippewa Geography comparesdifferent places…

  39. Geography comparesdifferentSCALES

  40. Geography compares changes over time and space

  41. Geography studies anything related toPLACE Oil consumption per capita: Tonnes Consumed (2010) Binge Alcohol Use in Past Month among Persons Aged 12 or Older BP: Oil Consumption

  42. Binge Drinking in the U.S.

  43. If you can map it, it’s geography.(Map of plant seed varieties by region) Even dorkbots.