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Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Service

Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Service

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Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Service

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  1. Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Service

  2. Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Service • Whether it is your factory workshop or 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, Cold Factor can handle all of your commercial air conditioning and heating installation, repair, maintenance and servicing needs. We offer quarterly, monthly and annual maintenance solutions for all your commercial HVAC needs. • With years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have skilled ability to work on exhaust fans, controls and more. • A call to us infers that you can anticipate for reliable and skilled experts at your disposal to take care of all your HVAC needs.

  3. Commercial HVAC Replacement and Installation • Get in touch with us if you wish to install a completely new air conditioning or heating system for your business to get the best deal. • In fact, we have been working with a number of businesses in Lewisville for a quite a few years now offering our expert services in planning and installing new rooftop systems, commercial boilers, and packaged air conditioning systems per the specifications and needs of our customers. • We begin with a thorough assessment of the building to decide the efficiency level and perfect size for the new air conditioning or heating system to be installed. • After this, we move onto the installation process which is initiated after thorough testing of the system to make sure that it fits your needs. • For a business owner, we understand the significance of a functional air conditioning and heating system. • Nevertheless, you simply cannot take any chances when dealing with these systems by allowing some inexperienced people to fix the system for you. • Note that commercial HVAC systems are very different in numerous ways compared to residential HVAC units and thus, they require the right and expert attention as well as care and Cold Factor guarantee you this.

  4. Commercial HVAC Repair • Note that the air conditioning and heating system is one of the major investments for any business. Thus, it is imperative to maintain and care for it properly to avoid frequent breakdowns. • For this, you ought to undertake care and maintenance on a regular basis to keep your HVAC system smooth and functional for a long time. • In case you are yet to perform a routine maintenance or you feel that your air conditioning or heating system needs inspection or repairing to be done, give us a call now. • Our maintenance packages are sure to fit your bills. • On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a completely new freezer, heater, cooler, etc. • for your business, reach out to us for expert suggestions. • Our technicians and experts are highly trained and experienced folks, who can help to pick the best and suitable HVAC unit for your business that will fit your needs and budget.. • We employ a team of adept craftsmen to meet the distinct demands of designing, installing and repairing a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems for commercial applications.

  5. Commercial HVAC Maintenance • Customer relationships, sales and productivity are three vitals to every business. • With Cold Factor’s expert HVAC maintenance solutions, you allow your employees to work in peace and efficiently whilst maintaining a cleaner and comfortable environment for them to breathe. • Everyone expects their cooling and heating systems to last for a lifetime, but unfortunately the average lifespan of a heat pump or furnace is very less. • Luckily, it is not that difficult to safeguard a major breakdown. Yes, with regular and preventive maintenance, you will enjoy reduced utility bills and complete peace of mind that the system is safe and working efficiently as well as will incur fewer repair cost. • Usual maintenance work includes changing the lubricating motors, safety assessment, changing the air filters, inspection of electrical connections, cleaning outdoor/indoor coils, calibrating thermostat, measuring refrigerant, testing performance in both cooling/heating modes, and more. • Feel free to enquire about all the various other benefits of owning a well-maintained and cared commercial HVAC system. • Preventive maintenance if performed on a routinely basis acts as a primary defensive strategy to prevent premature repairs and replacements of commercial air conditioning and heating systems. • By scheduling a maintenance plan with us, you spruce-up your system’s efficiency as well as are taking proactive step to avert potential threat to the functioning of the system.

  6. Contact US • Call today for a quick inspection of your HVAC unit and find out the best maintenance plan for your system that fits your needs. • Be it for boilers, packaged cooling units, heaters, or freezers, we will devise a maintenance plan that works in the best interest of your HVAC system. • Got any other queries in your head, feel free to shoot them at us, call now at 214-273-4761. • We at Cold Factor are a one-stop destination for all your needs and concerns pertaining to commercial heating or air conditioning installation, servicing, repair and maintenance work. • So now you know where to head to for all your commercial HVAC concerns in Lewisville, TX, yes its Cold Factor Heating & Air Services.