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Texas Ranching & Cattle Branding PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas Ranching & Cattle Branding

Texas Ranching & Cattle Branding

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Texas Ranching & Cattle Branding

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  1. Texas Ranching & Cattle Branding • Each slide has questions that will appear on the mouse click. • Use the questions to discuss the picture and introduce the topic. The Portal to Texas History Jenny Thomason - 2011

  2. How do you think brands could change the west? Why are brands important to ranchers? Whose brand do you think the W with the horns belongs to? What are the purposes of brands?

  3. Would this be a brand that was easily identifiable on the hide of cattle? What is the name of this brand? Why is an easily identifiable brand important? Do you think this brand is shorter or longer than other brands? Explain your answer.

  4. What are these men doing? Are there any dangers involved with branding animals? Why are so many men involved in this process? Who brought the concept of branding to the United States?

  5. These pictures represent the principal stockmen of western and northwestern Texas. Why are they facing different ways? Why are the brands in different locations? What information is in the description under the pictures? Why do some have more than one brand?

  6. What is happening in this picture? Where do you think this ranch is located? What are the fences built from? Why was that material used? What do you see in the background?

  7. What is this a picture of? Would this brand be easy or difficult to duplicate? Why or why not? What is the name of this brand?

  8. What do you think is happening in this picture? What will the white fencing be used for? What is the propane tank for?

  9. What do you think will happen when the man lets the calf up? What is happening in this picture? Which cowboy has the most difficult job? Why is the man sitting on the calf wearing chaps?

  10. What do you notice about the landscape of this picture? Which region of Texas do you think this ranch is located in? What are the characteristics of this region of Texas?

  11. Try to identify the names of the following brands. What do you notice about the names of these cities?