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San Francisco

San Francisco. Jocelyn Kane San Francisco Entertainment Commission May 22, 2014. Timeline. SF Entertainment Commission. Mission: Regulate, promote and enhance entertainment and nightlife in SF

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San Francisco

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  1. San Francisco Jocelyn KaneSan Francisco Entertainment Commission May 22, 2014

  2. Timeline

  3. SF Entertainment Commission • Mission: Regulate, promote and enhance entertainment and nightlife in SF • Plans and coordinates the provision of City services for major events for which there is no recognized organizer, promoter or sponsor • Reviews, accepts and revokes permits

  4. Commission Composition • 7 Member Commission: • 4 Appointed by the Mayor • 3 Appointed by the Supervisor Board • Members representative of: • Law Enforcement • Community Members • Entertainment Industry Advocates • Public Health • Urban Planning • The seven member commission has authority to: accept, review and gather information to conduct hearings for entertainment-related permit applications. 

  5. Nightlife Summit • Began in 2008 as a “Safety Summit” • 6th Annual Summit will be held on May 2013 • Agenda for 2013: • CA State Requirements for Security • Local Control (4am close) Proposal

  6. Multi-Modal Transportation Plan • Evaluation of Nighttime Transportation Underway • Address Limited Public Transit after Midnight • How to Improve Taxi Service and Supply • Safety in Parking Areas

  7. Nightlife Position in Mayor’s Office • New Nightlife-focused Position in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development • Role: • Project Manager for Nightlife and Entertainment • Support continued growth and success of nightlife • Evaluation: • Job Creation • Retention • Attraction of economic activity • Support advocacy

  8. Coordination with SFPD • Role of EC’s Enforcement Agents • Collaboration between: SFPD & EC’s enforcement agents • Outcome: • Quicker, more effective response

  9. Role of Elected Officials • How can elected officials garner support for nightlife? • Examples of legislative changes and innovative programs. Scott Wiener Supervisor, District 8 City of San Francisco

  10. The Economic Impact of San Francisco’s Nightlife Businesses Office of Economic Analysis March 5, 2012

  11. Introduction • In 2011, Supervisor Wiener requested the Office of Economic Analysis to conduct an economic impact study on entertainment and nightlife in San Francisco to determine: • The size of the Nightlife Industry. • The number of jobs created by the Nightlife Industry. • The amount of tourism the Nightlife Industry brings to San Francisco. • The amount of tax the Nightlife Industry contributes to the City. • The Nightlife industries are a major source of employment, economic activity, and tax revenue for the city. • In addition, by drawing new visitors and spending into San Francisco, the Nightlife Industries are an economic driver, which expand business and employment opportunities for other sectors of the economy.

  12. San Francisco’s Nightlife Industry: What was Evaluated? • For the purposes of this study, San Francisco's Nightlife Industries include: • Restaurants • Bars • Venues/Nightclubs • Art Galleries • Live Theater and Other Performance. • These industries were included because they represent the economic activity of businesses that provide social activities and entertainment after normal business hours (after 8pm).

  13. San Francisco’s Nightlife Industries Include 3,200 Businesses That Employ 48,000 Workers • In 2010, there were over 3,200 businesses in these industries. • Over 2,600 of them are licensed by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, while the remaining 600 are employers, and one or two person businesses, that do not serve alcohol. • In 2010, these businesses employed nearly 48,000 people in San Francisco. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; ABC

  14. The Nightlife Industry hosts over 80 million customers a year The City's Nightlife Industry businesses hosted approximately 80 million spending customers in 2010, as a conservative estimate. Restaurants account for 80% of spending customers, with more than 64 million. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S. Census Bureau; Controller's Office Nightlife Visitor Survey

  15. In 2010, Nightlife Establishments Generated $4.2 Billion in Spending As a group, the Nightlife Industries accounted for $4.2 billion in spending within the city in 2010. Restaurants was the largest segment making up 77% of spending with $3.2 billion. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S. Census Bureau

  16. Nightlife Establishments Support the City’s Economy by Purchasing from Local Businesses Nightlife Industries also support local businesses in other industries. In 2010, the Nightlife Industries spent nearly $670M on local foods, $580M on local beverages, and $370M on performers, local business services, and other local suppliers. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; U.S. Census Bureau; Controller's Office Nightlife Venue Survey

  17. Nightlife Establishments Contributed $55 Million in Tax Revenue Nightlife businesses pay approximately $55 million per year in payroll and sales taxes to the City's general fund, in addition to other taxes and fees. Nearly 75% of the $55 million comes from sales taxes. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; ABC; U.S. Census Bureau; Controller's Office Nightlife Visitor Survey

  18. Conclusions • 3,200 Nightlife establishments employed 48,000 workers • 80 million spending customers • $4.2 billion sales in 2010 • $55 million in payroll taxes and sales taxes • $2.2 billion spent by out-of-town visitors at Nightlife businesses. • This spending supports 27,000 jobs across every sector of the economy.

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