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  1. My Future

  2. Personal and Professional Goals • My personal and professional goals: go to a best University graduate and get an academic degree find a good job that I like ( I like economics & business) work hard and climb to high have a personal company have a big house and a best car have a happy life

  3. My choose: (important) • Economics is on of the most popular subjects in modern society • Lots of top universities is good at economics • After graduation I can find a good job

  4. Study in the UNITED STATES • Important to Me lots of top universities lots of famous professors learn more knowledge best experiment instruments more practice experiences have a good academic degree easy to have a good job

  5. Benefit in the US technologically advanced good environment convenient traffic lots of top universities good study environment lots of free time have lots of activities can have a good degree

  6. Green River Community College • Let’s see GRCC

  7. Advantages: lower step higher platform lower tuition easy to go to the good university good teaching quality lots of help good study environment good teachers modern study equipment big library

  8. Associate in Business Degrees 1. BASIC SKILLS (20 credits) 2. HUMANITIES/FINE ARTS/ENGLISH (15 credits) 3. SOCIAL SCIENCE (Minimum 20 credits) 4. NATURAL SCIENCE (Minimum 15 credits) 5. ACCOUNTING (Minimum 15 credits) 6. LIFETIME FITNESS/WELLNESS (2-3 credits) 7. ELECTIVES (Minimum 2-3 credits)

  9. Transfer college to university • University: • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) • Application selection and requirements: The first option: SAT or ACT scores ( SAT Subject + SAT2 Tests ) math ( Level 1 or 2) + SAT2 any science ( Physics, chemistry, biology and so on ) The second choices: TOEFL score (TOEFL ) + SAT2 ( SAT Subject Tests ) math ( Level 1 or 2) + SAT2 arbitrary science class ( physical, chemical, and biological ) MIT university is not on the SAT and ACT requirements, but for the TOEFL score, the minimum is 90, the recommended value is 100+

  10. b) Future development strategy: 1. to attract the best students and teachers, to provide them with irritation and effective life and learning environment. 2. dedicated to research in basic science, but it should be in the study, learning and action are integrated into one of the new mode in a leading position. 3. committed to the academic, research and critical spirit, and be good at to industry, government and academia to unite, to explore, to solve the major problems facing the world.

  11. B. University of Pennsylvania : • Application selection and requirements: TOFEL 104    SAT Critical Reading: 650 - 750    SAT Math: 680 - 770    SAT Writing: 660 - 750    ACT Composite: 29 - 33

  12. b) School of architectural design: design by Karp and West Watson, the two architects combines British University of Oxford and University of Cambridge architectural style, while retaining some Gothic architecture ancient elements at the same time, innovation and the development of the new campus of the Gothic style of building. The center of the school campus area of 269 acres (1 square kilometers ), and to the west of Philadelphia extension, northeast and Drexel University adjacent, has formed many faculty and Institute Campus

  13. Self assessment • I think I’m not ready to go to the college this summer, because I think I haven’t finished my study in China, and I still have lots of things to learn. I think I need one year to prepare go to the college, so next summer, I’ll come to GRCC, and at that time, my English will become stronger.

  14. Should improve: live skills social contact skills take care of myself skills study skills English skills ( conversation skills) ( reading skills ) ( taking notes skills )

  15. Prepare in college: get ready to the university have strong English skills learn lots of knowledge be independent get a high TOFEL score get a high SAT score choose a true subject that I like and good for me

  16. The end Annie