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Jim Crow Laws PowerPoint Presentation
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Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws

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  1. Jim Crow Laws Lesson starter: What were the Jim Crow Laws? In what part of America did the Jim Crow Laws apply? Why do you think the Jim Crow Laws were introduced?

  2. Today we will… • Understand what Jim Crow laws • Understand the concept of ‘separate but equal

  3. When the Southern states were defeated in the Civil War, Slavery became illegal • White people in the South still wanted to be able to control the Black population • A set of laws were introduced to make sure Black people did not enjoy the freedom that whites did

  4. The laws were known as the Jim Crow Laws • Named after a comedian who dressed up as a Black man and made fun of African Americans • Because each state was allowed to pass their own laws, the Southern States made up their own Jim Crow Laws

  5. Examples • Florida – marriage between white and negroes illegal • Georgia – separate parks for blacks and whites • Louisiana – separate schools and hospitals • Alabama – separate toilets for whites and blacks • Georgia – no black barbers allowed to cut hair of white people

  6. Picture Quiz Look at the following pictures and write down what it shows All the pictures will be examples of Jim Crow Laws in action

  7. The Jim Crow Laws succeeded in creating a segregated society • The states said that segregated facilities would be ‘separate but equal’ • They were separate; but not equal

  8. A law passed by the Supreme Court (highest court in USA) said in 1896 that Jim Crow Laws were fine as long as equal facilities were provided • This showed Black Americans that the US government would allow them to be discriminated against

  9. Black people and Voting • All Americans were allowed to vote after 1867 • Southern states brought in their own tests to try and exclude Black people from voting • Exams, ‘literacy’ tests, intimidation and high taxes stopped many from being able to vote

  10. Rosa Parks Movie – Voting • You will watch a part of this film where Rosa tries to register to vote • Take notes on the application process she must go through