welcome to mrs migut s class n.
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Welcome to Mrs. Migut’s Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mrs. Migut’s Class

Welcome to Mrs. Migut’s Class

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Welcome to Mrs. Migut’s Class

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  1. Welcome to Mrs. Migut’s Class English I Honors Open House

  2. Syllabus During the first week, all students were to show you this document and obtain your signature. It should be kept at the front of your students’ folder at all times. It is available online on Mrs. Migut’sCHS website..

  3. Daily Activities • Do Now  Class Instruction  Small groups Individual Practice • Assessments: Traditional methods – reading and comprehension checks, tests, quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, pre and post testing, Word & PowerPoint documents and revisions Alternative methods – project-based learning, reciprocal teaching (students learn a skill, then tutor each other), peer editing, artwork, rubrics, technology (Edmodo, PowerPoint, Prezi, Quizlet, Wordle, Study Island, textbook)

  4. Ninth Grade Honors Do Now • According to the author of “The Most Dangerous Game,” is an animal’s life worth the same as a human’s? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

  5. 9thGrade Do Now ANSWER Richard Connell, author of the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” is sympathetic to the plight of the animal—although it doesn’t seem like it when we first begin our story. To Connell, life seems equal, be it animal or human. He has Rainsford, the story’s protagonist remark foolishly, toward the story’s start, “Who cares how a jaguar feels?” Later, Rainsford reiterates, “Bah! They’ve no understanding.” However, throughout the story, Rainsford is mercilessly hunted by an evil man, and he has to nearly become an animal to survive. In turn, he learns that the jaguar would indeed experience terror and fear while being hunted; “The cat has again come to play with the mouse.” Rainsford even refers to himself as an animal by the story’s end, “I am still a beast at bay.”

  6. ALWG Do Now #10: Chapter 17 Think like a mental health therapist. What do you make of the dream on page 164? How is it a reflection of Ishmael’s inner conflicts? Use our literary conflict types to answer in a full paragraph.

  7. Florida Standards Set high bar of academic rigor Deeper levels of learning and thought • “Okay, why?” • Written responses which focus on analyzing text and justifying answers. • Challenging texts including nonfiction and more original documents • Comparing and contrasting different texts • Rubrics – clear mastery expectations.

  8. Deeper Responses to text Example This is a ninth grader’s response to an introductory activity where students were able to take and critique a wilderness survival quiz. Notice the detail the student goes into and the personal connection she is able to make with the text.

  9. Thank you for coming to Open House! To contact Mrs. Migut: