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  1. Flights

  2. BoostProduct Sales Increase Customer Engagement

  3. About RIX • RIX GROUP, A global market leader. • Based in Switzerland, founded 1998 in Frankfurt.

  4. What is RIX Flight? • RIX flight is an exclusive promotion program designed to increase sales & consumer engagement by offering free flight vouchers to customers. • We simply focuses on 2 aspects: People & Brands. • Companies (Brands) and consumers (People) represent the engine of our global economy.

  5. WHY RIX? 7 Million flights issued 12 Global offices +20 Years of market experience 14 Languages Award winning campaigns

  6. RIX Concept No Price Reduction Increase loyalty by up to 25% Increase sales High Perceived Value

  7. Rix Flights Clients

  8. HOW IT WORKS? • Provide bulk deal on flight vouchers. • Consumers always want some extra value from their purchases. • A free flight campaign will make the consumer feel like getting two products at the price of one. • The customer will just be required to pay for the taxes & rest of the flight cost will be covered by the voucher.

  9. HOW RIX FLIGHTS CUSTOMIZES TRAVEL REWARDS FOR YOUR PRODUCT Your Product/Service Successful Sales Campaign Flight Voucher

  10. RIX FLIGHT VS OTHER PROMOTIONS • Flight promotions work better than any other type of free gift promotion as Free flights have a universal appeal. • People travel for work & pleasure, & travel ticket for free on top of getting a product they are purchasing, nothing can be better than that. • More people are flying in India than ever, so with any product, a free flight promotion is bound to generate consumer interest & engagement. • This is because the effects of this type of experience are felt before, during, and afterwards. • Memorable experiences.

  11. THE SCOPE OF FLIGHT PROMOTION CAMPAIGN IN INDIA India became the world's third largest domestic civil aviation market, with passenger traffic of over 100 million during 2016-17. With India middle class rising in its capacity to spend, More & more people are choosing air travel as a primary option over other means. 95% of People like to travel

  12. HOW TO CLAIM THE TICKET? FOLLOW A FEW SIMPLE STEPS TO REDEEM FLIGHT VOUCHERS. Choose3 airports / 3 dates SendProof of purchase Submit Passenger data Accept Flight offer Fly Away Activate Code On promo site Purchase Product(with promo-code)

  13. Value for Customers & Brands • Voltas AC Split-1.5 Ton - Cost at Rs -34000/- • Air Fair- Delhi to Mumbai- • Base Fare-RS-3345/-(60%) • Taxes – RS-2490/-(40%) • Total-5838/- • Gained to Customer 10% of the cost of the Product.(which base fare)Customer is getting two product at the price of one. • Gained to Company Selling A/c product customer loyalty and brand recall value.


  15. Rix Flight has had success with multiple product campaigns ranging across industries. • Whether it be a new financial product from banks, latest tech products or anything else in the market a Rix flight promotion can provide the jet boost that every sales campaign needs.

  16. FREE FLIGHTS & CITY-BREAKS • Case Study: Barclaycard Customer Retention, Activation and Acquisition • Objectives • Barclaycard has been using free flight incentives for a number of years and successfully managed to facilitate customer retention, activation and acquisition. • Success • The free flight incentive generated great interest among the cardholders and resulted in reactivation rates of more than 25%.

  17. FREE FLIGHTS & CITY-BREAKS • Case Study: Samsung Galaxy S6 (Russia) • Qualification Customers bought a promotional product (Samsung Galaxy S6) at participating retailers. • Fulfilment Qualifying customers registered the serial number of their mobile phone online and received a voucher code in return. This code was then used to register on the campaign website and process the free flight application • Success • Samsung increased sales by 61%.

  18. Thank You Satvinder Luthra Indian Business Partner +91-9811911159 Moscow | Dubai | New Delhi | Hong Kong | SydneyMiami | Manchester | Milano | Bogota | Capetown | Warsaw