welcome to the first meeting of the 8 th grade class of 2013 n.
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Welcome to the first meeting of the 8 TH Grade Class of 2013! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the first meeting of the 8 TH Grade Class of 2013!

Welcome to the first meeting of the 8 TH Grade Class of 2013!

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Welcome to the first meeting of the 8 TH Grade Class of 2013!

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  1. Welcome to the first meeting of the 8TH Grade Class of 2013! What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

  2. Reminder: Assembly EtiquetteYou are a respectful audience member if you… Face front. Do not talk. Respond appropriately when prompted. Return to attention in a timely manner. Raise your hand and get silent when a faculty member gives raised hand signal.

  3. Some things to look forward to…*8 is Great Student Recognition *Field Trips*Bake Sales*Competitions*Community Involvement…and much, much more!

  4. 40 Book Challenge! Parents And Teachers Together Encouraging Reading NovelS Read a book. Complete a PATTERNS bookmark. Get your parent to sign it. Return it to your English teacher. Bookmarks will be pulled at the end of the month for fun and exciting prizes!

  5. Show Some 8th Grade Pride!The 8th Grade Pride Club meets once a week in Room 205 during lunch. Our goal is to build community and spirit in the 8th grade halls. The group will be responsible for decorating the halls, hosting fundraisers, and generating ideas to bring the 8th grade class closer together.

  6. BLOOVER DAYS!Bloover Day will take place the last Friday of every month!Show your school spirit by wearing Hoover t-shirts/sweatshirts or the school colors, blue and white.The first Bloover Day is SEPTEMBER 28TH!SHOW SOME SCHOOL SPIRIT!GO HOOVER!CLASS OF 2013 T-SHIRTS WILL BE ON-SALE SOON!

  7. Care Walk(Earn Community Service Hours!) October 28, 2012 Middlesex County College Registration at 9:00 am Walk begins at 10:00 am

  8. Lunch Bunch Do you need to organize or catch up on some work? Then bring your work and eat lunch with the Lunch Bunch. (Located just off of the cafeteria to the left of the stage.)

  9. What is your responsibility? 1. Follow the code of conduct. 2. Respect teachers and classmates. 3. Come to class prepared. 4. Perform to the best of your ability in your classes. Your teams of teachers pledge to help you succeed in your commitment! No one wants to be excluded from participation in 8TH grade activities!

  10. A PARTING THOUGHT… There is no finish line in the race to excellence. How about joining the race?