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Bell Ringer 08/16/11 PowerPoint Presentation
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Bell Ringer 08/16/11

Bell Ringer 08/16/11

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Bell Ringer 08/16/11

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  1. Bell Ringer08/16/11 Use your Bell Ringer chart to answer the questions below. Remember this is worth a grade! • What comes to mind when you think of Africa? • How do you think the people of ancient Africa lived?

  2. TWEDY • Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work – Booker T. Washington HOW TO TWEDY TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THE STATEMENT(s)? Answer WHY!!!! What does the quote make you think of? Why? Provide EXAMPLES!!

  3. Agenda08/16/11 • Bell Ringer • TWEDY Discussion • Common Misconceptions/Stereotypes of Africa, • Origin of Humans (Lecture) • African Civilizations Jigsaw • Ancient Africa Poem, Rhyme, Rap, Story Choice Activity

  4. Common Stereotypes of Africa • Africa as the “Dark Continent” • Africa WITHOUT history • Africa as Uncivilized • Violence • Hunger/Starvation

  5. Why Care? Why Study Africa? • Stereotypical representations of Africa and its people have a profound impact • Constant association of Africa with animals, poverty and exotic behaviors affects the perception of African American and black heritage around the world. • Such deficit images of Africa contribute directly to racism. Historically, these misconceptions were used to justify enslavement and colonialism. • The images also contribute directly to internalized racism, leading many black children in the U.S. to want to distance themselves from any association with their African heritage.

  6. A Huge and Diverse Land • Second largest continent in the world • From North to South • A succession of climate zones • Desert, savannah, rain forest, mountain ranges • Named the savannah Sudan – the entire region meaning “land of the black people”

  7. Birthplace of Humanity • Fossil and genetic evidence • Scientists have concluded that the origins of humanity lie in Africa • Out of Africa model • Modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago • Migrated to the rest of the world 100,000 years ago • Eve model • All modern humans descended from a single African woman

  8. Ancient African Civilizations • We will take a closer look today at the ancient African Civilizations • Egypt • Kush/Nubia • Meroe • Axum

  9. Ancient African Civilizations • You will work in a group of 4 with the people around you. Each group member will be responsible for one ancient African Civilization (Egypt, Kush, Meroe, Axum) • Each group member will read the sheet on their civilization and fill in the chart for that civilization. • After all group members have finished filling in the chart for their civilization, each group member will take turns teaching the rest of the group the information for their civilization.


  11. African Civilizations Group Activity Task: Create and perform spoken word celebrating Africa and African civilizations. • Each group member should share with their group phrases & words about their civilization (Egypt, Kush, Meroe, Axum) • As a group, create lines to form a poem, rap or story about African civilizations. It should contain 5 facts. Be at least 10 sentences long.

  12. Exit SlipHave a great rest of the day!  • List the 4 ancient African civilizations covered in class today and explain key features of 1 of the civilizations.