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Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Dot Setup PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Dot Setup

Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Dot Setup

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Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Dot Setup

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  2. ECHO DOT SETUP Echo Dot has amazing features! The most important feature is, of course, its voice assistance. It can respond to your voice, play music, read your books, report weather, provide the breaking news and so on. Here is a list of few steps to be followed to set your Echo dot

  3. DOWNLOADTHE ALEXA APP  The Echo Dot setup is possible only if you Download Alexa Appto your device. The Amazon Alexa app is completely free and it can be downloaded on any of your smartphones or tablets with the recent operating systems. Open your device and search for “ Amazon Alexa App”


  5. PLUGINTHE ECHO DOT Plug in the Echo dot and switch on the power. Echo dot does not need batteries to perform. Once you switch on the power you can see the blue light which indicates the power is connected. Then, you will see the color changing to orange, indicating that your Echo dot is ready for setup. Connect Echo to Wi-Fi – Open the Amazon Alexa app to set up your Echo Dot through Wi-Fi. It may ask to save your password and then direct you to Setup Alexa.


  7.  Talk to Alexa – Call out for Alexa by activating the “Change the wake word “ in order to make Echo Dot respond to your voice commands. You can customize the wake word to any word of your choice.  Start Using Echo Dot – Call out the wake word and Echo Dot will respond. The App can help you with all the features of Echo Dot

  8. ECHOPLUS SETUP  The Amazon Echo plus has all the features of the Echo Dot and more! The Echo plus is a little bigger than the Echo. It has better Audio capabilities than Echo. But most of all it has a built-in smart home hub and thermometer. The smart home hub lets you connect your smart devices like lights, air conditioners, etc.

  9. STEP 1: PLUGINYOUR ECHOPLUS  Plug in your Echo device to the power input and switch it on. Make a note to place Echo plus away from any heating or cooling sources like windows or room heaters to get an accurate temperature report. The blue light indicates that Echo plus is switched on and when it turns orange, it means its ready for setup.

  10. STEP 2: DOWNLOADYOURAMAZON ALEXA APP  In order to use the Echo plus you need your Amazon Alexa App. It is available for free in the play store and Apple’s app store or you can Download Alexa App from Alexa.Amazon.Com After downloading the App, log in to your Amazon account. In order to add the echo plus, select the device and click the + icon. Alexa will guide you through the process

  11.  Step 3: Connect the device to the Wi-Fi  Open the Amazon Alexa app to set up your Echo Dot through Wi-Fi. It will ask to save your password and then direct to you to Setup Alexa.  Step 4: Start using Echo plus Once the Echo plus and the Alexa app are connected, you can start using it. You can talk to Alexa to set up your voice. You just have to say ‘Wake’ to start using Echo plus. You can use all the features of the Echo and some extra features too.

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