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How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot?

How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot?

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How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot?

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  1. Description:  Echo Dot is an Amazon product designed to make your work around the house easier with its voice controlled, hands-free feature. It allows you to change music channels, set alarm clocks, have the news read to you and control your smart home by just the strength of your voice. It is a sound sensitive device and does not allow any obstructions in its way and catches voice from all over. With time, new features are being added to this device. Here is a quick guide on how to Setup Alexa Dot:

  2. Download and sign in to the Alexa app with your credentials. Download the Alexa App from the play store on your mobile device for free. This is the key step involved to start using your echo device. Connect Echo Dot to WiFi and your device for smooth processing of this step. Your mobile device needs to be compatible with one of the following operating softwares:  Fire OS 3.0 or higher  Android 4.4 or higher  iOS 8.0 or higher Another option would be to use the web browser to download the app.

  3. Alexa App

  4. Turn on Echo Dot. Place the echo dot in the centerarea of a room with about 20 cm space from any walls or windows or obstructions. Plug in the power adapter of the device to a power outlet. Press the switch on button, the light ring on the button will turn orange from blue. Alexa will now greet you!

  5. Wait for Orange light

  6. Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi network. You will now be guided by the device on how to Setup Echo Dot to WiFi. These instructions are very simple to follow and user friendly and helps Connect Echo Dot to Wifi without any hassles.

  7. Talk to Alexa. Once you have Setup Echo Dot to WiFi, your echo dot is ready to use. Just call out the woke word “Alexa” to get started and the device will respond to you instantaneously. The woke name has been set on default and can be changed in the settings tab at any point of time.

  8. Connect Echo Dot to an External Speaker (This step is optional) Echo Dot has an inbuilt speaker. However, if possessing a better quality speaker, it can be connected using Bluetooth device or audio cables. Note: If you have any problem to Setup Echo Dot to Wifi or Connect Echo Dot to Wifi, you can contact the Amazon customer service number