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Primavera P6 Professional Construction Project Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Primavera P6 Professional Construction Project Management

Primavera P6 Professional Construction Project Management

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Primavera P6 Professional Construction Project Management

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  1. Do you have existing spreadsheets that take forever to load, are confusing or just plain don’t work?  Did someone try to implement a Visual Basic for Applications solution previously and now you have no idea what they did or why they did it?   Or do you need some fancy work done with Macros that would make your day at work unbelievably easier? Well, here at CIA, we happen to be Excel and VBA experts!  We can make Excel do things that you never knew were possible.  And if we don’t think that Excel is actually the correct technology to employ for your business needs, we will give it to you straight and suggest a better alternative. So, let’s talk about how we can make your daily experience with the worlds most popular business tool a little bit easier!!! Excel Application Development

  2. Are you a small company that is hesitant to spend thousands of dollars of capital expenditure on a software you may use for only one project?  Is your Construction Manager or General Contractor requiring a bid schedule and you don’t have access to P6?  These problems are common with small-budget contractors and unfortunately can really constrain the scope of projects you’re able to bid on. Don’t let these issues stop you from getting your company in the race for some high-dollar projects.  CIA is here to build your CPM Schedule in any format that is required.  Whether it be a small bid schedule or a larger, more complex construction schedule, we have seen it all.  Activity coding, Work Breakdown Structures, Resource Leveling, Earned-Value Calculations, Completion Date Forecasting, What-If Scenarios don’t scare us at all! P6 Schedule Development

  3. CIA has many years of experience implementing new installations and administrating existing installations of  Oracle / Primavera’s Project Management software, more commonly referred as P6 Primavera.  P6, as savvy and capable as it is as a CPM scheduling tool, still needs to be set up and maintained correctly to be the powerhouse Enterprise Project Management tool that it is.   Data security, inter-schedule relationships, subcontractor self-updates, user management, change auditing  and many other flexibilities that P6 provides are not possible without a well-planned and implemented WBS, OBS, RBS, User Profiles or User Privileges. CIA can help you create, implement, and administrate all the structures that are necessary for a successful usage of the P6 Project Management tool. P6 Project Management Administration

  4. Are you starting a new Contract Manager implementation or is your current implementation giving you headaches?  CIA is very well versed in administrating all the “behind the scenes” activities that are vital to assuring that Contract Manager is helping you manage your project data.  We can have you up and running or running smoother in no time. Or are you just tired of  asking one of your I.T. guys to learn how to build a report in Infoworks, so that you can derive some useful information from all the data you’re storing.  Well, we can utilize our Business Intelligence skills and connect directly to your CM database, completely bypassing the traditional clunky and archaic methods of extracting the information you need.  Just see our Business Intelligence page! Contract Manager Administration

  5. Construction Project Controls and Project Management is our expertise.  CIA can help you get the most out of  the construction activity data you collect on a daily basis.  Do you have a question, that if answered, could save you from going over budget or missing a project milestone? Good!  Because the advantage that CIA has over your I.T. guys is that we truly understand where the rubber meets the road.  Not only do we have Project Management experience and I.T. expertise, but we have actually physically done much of the work you are completing.  So, if you have the data,  we have the skills and experience to dig deeply into it to create project-saving solutions.  Let us take the information that you already collect and put it to work for you! Project Controls

  6. Jerid C. Fortney President and Chief Consultant 106 Green Street #5 Brooklyn, NY 11222 (646) 535-6762 Contact us