transforming teaching and learning in a flat world n.
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Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Flat World PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Flat World

Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Flat World

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Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Flat World

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  1. Transforming Teaching and Learning in a Flat World FETC 2009 Jennifer Womble, NBCT

  2. Session Objectives: • Over Flat World topics • Synthesize Flat findings with current research on the brain, learning, pedagogy and the Innovate America Report. • Investigate the Classroom Implications of the Flat world • Prioritize the teacher actions in the Flat world • Explore classroom activities that utilize Flat classroom traits • Discuss possible outcomes of Flat classrooms

  3. Create a Character Our first task today is to determine who is in our workshop and share introductions of names and roles in education. VISIT one of these websites and create a character that represents you! • Southpark • Super Hero –Heromachine • Wii Character • Simpsons • M& Ms

  4. Forces at work • Globalization • Asian/Indian Education (2MM) Explored • Shifts in Job Market-Comparative Advantage • Influx of Technology • Automation of routine jobs • Culture CHALLENGE & CHANGE

  5. 5 Skill Sets toward learning in Flat World by Thomas Friedman 2007 FILL in the DIAGRAM in the Flat Folder on your desktop titled Skill Sets: • Learn how to Learn • Navigation • CQ + PQ > IQ • Liberal Arts • Right Brain SECRET SAUCE

  6. Synthesize with current research

  7. Innovate America Report2004 Council on Competiveness • Read excerpt from Pages 370-371 • Where can I find this Innovate America report? • What does it say? • Use SEARCHME.COM to find the Executive Summary of this report and read the contents Be ready to explain the TONE of the article

  8. How does this look when we combine current educational research in the Flat World? Increase the rigor to match Asian competition AND Develop creative and innovative students

  9. CONNECT THE DOTS Seeking INNOVATIVE thinkers: Curiosity is HORIZONTAL Specialties are VERTICAL “You need to understand things in order to invent beyond…”

  10. Read these 3 quotes-what is the relationship between them? • “Innovation has always been deep in America’s soul…if we stop innovating, we stop being American.” --Innovate America Report 2004 • “Standard of living is related to the average value add of your workforce and that is related to average educational level of your workforce. If you downgrade the average educational level of you’re your workforce, relative to your competition, your standard of living will decline.” --Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman • “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” –Bill Gates

  11. Putting it all together LESSON PLANS Content standards

  12. Find 10 pictures/images on the internet to represent these concepts and save them in your folder • Technology Literacy • Read • Write • Problem solving • Creativity • Creativity • Cross Curricular • Technology Product • Collaboration • Autonomy • Rigor

  13. Open the document titled:Traits of a Flat World Teacher • Prioritize the traits #1-15 on the world document • Discuss rankings • Implications

  14. SYTHESIZE and IMPLEMENT Cross curricular Deeper knowledge Problem Based Creative Products Technology Literacy Interconnected Novel Approach Stimulate Curiosity Research & Application Exploration Freedom to Discover Analysis of Information Express Ideas Sift-Sort-Connect Artistry-Empathy Narrative-Synthesis

  15. Examples of Flat World Lessons EXPERIMENT—TAKE RISKS CLASSROOM RESEARCH ENGAGE CURIOSITY • Wiki spaces • Research Photostory • Video Production Mabry Middle School • Building the Ultimate Brain • Child Development Projects

  16. OUTCOMES OF EMPLOYING FLAT WORLD TRAITS • Increased innovation • Deepen global knowledge base • Increased collaboration • Increased productivity • Changed social norms regarding education

  17. GOAL Create the BEST schools on the planet.

  18. Final Thoughts “Innovation will be the single most important factor in determining America’s success through the 21st century” --Council on Competitiveness How to share with teachers and build Flat World Schools…..

  19. HOW TO SHARE: PLCs and SLCs Small Learning Communities SLCs--Kids in common, Research best solutions as team • Knowing Students and Using what we know! • Several models for establishing SLCs REQUIRES: • High level of TRUST in teachers • Professionalism • Treats teachers as EXPERTS • Includes: Information (Data), Vision, Relationships, Creativity, Experiments, Collecting Evidence, Sharing

  20. Learning is a Social Event • High Expectations • TEAMS can change the culture of a School • Teaching is a TEAM Sport • Collegial Conversations about student work are essential • We teach kids, not content • Motivation by student engagement: increase the WOWs to increase the AYP! • What is the ONE thing that has adults making sustained change? PEER COACHING & MENTORING