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SMART TECHNOLOGY. Innovation of the SMART Board. SMART Interactive White Board. SMART Technology. Since 1991, SMART has been providing services and innovative products to schools all over the world. . The Chalkboard. The Dry-Erase Board. The SMART Board. The SMART Board in 2005.

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  1. SMART TECHNOLOGY Innovation of the SMART Board

  2. SMART Interactive White Board

  3. SMART Technology Since 1991, SMART has been providing services and innovative products to schools all over the world.

  4. The Chalkboard

  5. The Dry-Erase Board

  6. The SMART Board

  7. The SMART Board in 2005

  8. The SMART Board in 2007

  9. The SMART Board in 2009

  10. Commercialization: SMART has produced and shipped SMART interactive whiteboards all over the world. These boards are not only used in the classroom but in government affairs as well. Customers can order items from SMART as well as local carriers within their area. SMART website contains information for customers to contact them with questions and concerns as well as finding a local sales representative.

  11. S-Curve: SMART Technology has been in business since 1986. Each year they make their products based on suggestions and ideas from consumers who use the products. Throughout the years, as technology has changed so has the technology at SMART. Due to their products and how they are used within schools, government, and other areas of business, SMART has received numerous awards and distinctions.

  12. SMART Technology

  13. SMART Technology 2010 BETT AwardThe SMART Table is a finalist for a 2010 BETT Award in the Digital Devices categoryThe award recognizes the development of innovative and effective ICT hardware and solutions for learning and teaching in the primary, secondary and further education and skills sectors. Products are judged on criteria including design, cost-effectiveness and support of higher order skills and effective learning and teaching styles. BETT is the largest educational technology show in the world.

  14. Innovators & Early Adopters SMART Technologies Inc. is the industry pioneer and market leader in developing collaborative products for classrooms and meeting rooms. Founded in 1987 by partners David Martin and Nancy Knowlton, SMART began as the Canadian distributor for a U.S. projector company. Revenue generated through projector sales was directed toward the research and development of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard that would enable groups to interact and instantaneously share information with people in the same room or around the world.

  15. David Martin & Nancy Knowlton

  16. Rejecting the Innovation In terms of the SMART interactive whiteboard, there would be a handful of laggards in terms of rejecting the innovation. Majority of the rejection would come from retired teachers or teachers who have been teaching for years. Many of these teachers feel that teaching the “old school” way has just as much of an effect as teaching with other new strategies. Other people to reject this innovation may be those countries with budget constraints within their school systems or who just don’t have the means to do so.

  17. Perceived Attributes • The innovation of the SMART board has definitely met critical mass. To keep the innovation going, I think that we will need to have many different activities taking place with the implementation of the SMART interactive whiteboard. In order for teachers to adopt the idea of this board in their classroom, they may feel more comfortable after being provided professional developments sessions as well as written materials to go along with the products.

  18. SMART Technology

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