what is advocacy what is advocacy day what can i expect n.
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What is Advocacy? What is ADVOCACY DAY? What Can I Expect? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Advocacy? What is ADVOCACY DAY? What Can I Expect?

What is Advocacy? What is ADVOCACY DAY? What Can I Expect?

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What is Advocacy? What is ADVOCACY DAY? What Can I Expect?

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  1. What is Advocacy?What is ADVOCACY DAY?What Can I Expect? Advocacy Day 2014 February 12

  2. What is Advocacy? • Advocacy is the act of educating in favor of something, such as your child, a cause, an idea, a policy, or a law

  3. Parent advocacy • There are different levels of parent advocacy • Participation: bring present and starting relationships • Using your voice: start to communicate your needs, desires, and dreams • Formal advocacy: Use the first two levels of advocacy and take action, usually using an official process

  4. USING YOUR VOICE • Outside of your child and family there are larger issues that impact your program, community and state. These are Policy and Legislative issues. • Advocating at this level means educating decision makers and law makers to impact outcomes for issues you care about

  5. WHAT IS ADVOCACY DAY?What can I expect?

  6. Bus to Red Lion Hotel in Olympia • Bus picks ups in: • Southcenter • Federal Way • Lakewood • Buses are not safe for kids • If you are bringing children, you will need to drive yourself

  7. Could be a sunny or a rainy day… • Dress for the weather • WEAR RED!

  8. Arrive at the Red Lion Hotel

  9. PSESD Staff • Staff from PSESD Early Learning and sites like yours will be available to answer any questions • Look for people wearing this button!

  10. Advocacy training • Group training with other ECEAP, Head Start and Early Head parents from programs across the state

  11. District Tables • You’ll sit at a table with other parents that live near you – in the same legislative district

  12. Making signs for rally • There will be an area where you can make signs to hold up at the afternoon rally

  13. Sometimes… • There are reporters and news cameras to capture the action! • Be sure to watch the news that night

  14. LUNCH, MAKING A PLAN • Boxed lunches are provided • During lunch, you’ll sit with your district to plan your time at the Capitol Campus

  15. Off to the Capitol • If you rode a bus to Olympia, you’ll get back on the same bus to head to the Capitol • If you drove yourself or carpooled to Olympia, you’ll do the same to the Capitol


  17. Find your district group • Look for signs with district numbers on them • The group should be the same people that were at your table during training


  19. Meeting with Legislators • A fellow parent and/or staff member will lead your group • You’ll meet with 3 legislators or their aides to help them understand the importance of early learning

  20. Meeting with Legislators

  21. Meeting with Legislators

  22. RALLY ON THECAPITOL STEPS! • Everyone will gather on the Capitol steps at the end of the day

  23. RALLY ON THECAPITOL STEPS! • Parents and legislators will speak • This year, Governor Inslee is scheduled to attend!





  28. Time to head home! • If you rode a bus, you’ll get back on the same one to go back to where it picked you up • If you drove or carpooled, you’ll go back to your car to drive home

  29. DETAILS • Interpreters will be available if you indicate the language needed on your registration form • A child care subsidy is available to all parents • You’ll fill out a form on the bus • A mileage subsidy is available to parents who drive themselves • There will be a packet on your district table when you arrive at the Red Lion with a form to fill out • Don’t forget to WEAR RED!

  30. website Visit for more information!

  31. ADVOCACY DAY PARENT TASKFORCE • Parents help staff to: • Brainstorm ideas • Make appointments with legislators • Spread the word at their center • Lots more! • Meeting Dates: • Friday, January 17, 2014 • 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Renton ESD • Thursday, January 23, 2014 • 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Renton ESD • Thursday, February 6, 2014 • 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Renton ESD

  32. Questions? • Ask your Family Support staff member at your site, or • Call or email: • Lori Pittman •, 425-917-7759, 253-778-7759 • Kristyl Riddle •, 425-917-7881, 253-778-7881