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Enterprise Architecture at American Express PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise Architecture at American Express

Enterprise Architecture at American Express

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Enterprise Architecture at American Express

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  1. Enterprise Architecture at American Express Seckin Arsoy, Ahmed Al-Salih, Abhishek Shah

  2. Summary

  3. Summary • American Express was the framework the organization used to align IT and the business. • In 2011, American Express was named an InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award recipient for its EA practices. • As American Express leaders considered new payment methods using mobile devices, the EA guided their progress.

  4. What are the key components of the architecture American Express has created?

  5. (EA) at American Express • The Framework the organization used to align IT and the business. • It provided a common language for leaders to use to collaborate and transform the business. At American Express, enterprise architects were the change agents who streamlined processes and designed ways to more effectively do business using IT resources.

  6. Why was it important to standardise so much of the architecture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a standard EA at American Express?

  7. Standardisation • Process of developing and implementing technical standards • Maximise compatibility, safety and quality • Provides common language • American Express focused on delivering consistency • Need for standardisation arose from increasingly prevalent mobile payments • Creation of reference architectures to standardise apps

  8. Advantages and disadvantages of standardisation • Advantages: • Integration • Cost effectiveness • Introduces common platform • Consistency • Disadvantages: • Difficult to implement change • Lock in obsolescence • Innovation rut – too much emphasis on repetition • Restricts employee creativity and thinking

  9. How does the new architecture support the goals and strategy for American Express?

  10. Goals and strategies • Describes what a business needs or wants to do • Based on internal or external drivers • Amex goal and strategy: deliver a “consistent, global integrated customer experience based on service running on a common platform”. • Makes it possible for business functions to work with multiple solution teams • Includes a cohesive roadmap of initiatives

  11. What types of future payment products and services should be anticipated and prepared for by the EA group? What is your vision of how payments might work? If you were advising the CIO of American Express, what would you suggest his group to prepare for?

  12. Looking To Future Payment Vision Products Services Security

  13. Suggestions & Conclusion Getting Prepared for The far future, 2040 New Tools Technology VS Human