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The Sunny Party

The Sunny Party. 2013 Platform. Abortion.

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The Sunny Party

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  1. The Sunny Party 2013 Platform

  2. Abortion • The Sunny Party sees abortion as something that is should only be used when necessary as a last resort. For example, in cases of rape or incest. The Sunny Party wants no part in taking the potential lives who could better improve our society and for the following reasons…

  3. Abortion (Cont.) • The Sunny Political Party Views on abortion is that we should be illegal unless caused upon rape or incest. • There are health issues that can resolve out of getting an abortion like pelvic infection, blood clots in the uterus, cut or torn cervix, and many others. • Depression and guilt may come upon someone who had an abortion as well. Abortion in some cases is an emotional process because you are destroying life inside of you

  4. Abortion (Cont.) • Abortion reduces the amount of adoptable babies, and eliminates the potential societal contributions of future human being. • Adoption is always an option.

  5. Gay Marriage • The Sunny Party will take no stand in saying who a person can or cannot love. The party respects same sex marriage. We support legalizing marriage in all the states for the following reasons…

  6. Gay Marriage (Cont.) • Gay marriages are proven to lower divorce rates. • We are all human beings and have the freedom to express our own ideas. • Passing of gay rights allows adoption rates to soar, providing many more stable homes for kids who would otherwise be left in foster care.

  7. Gay Marriage (Cont.) • The legalization of gay rights helps to increase financial gain to state and local governments. • The U.S. would set the standard of accepting gay marriage and would act as role models for the rest of the countries that are still struggling with these social issues.

  8. Education • The Sunny Party believes that education plays is one of the most important aspects of both a child and an adult’s life. We see education as not only mandatory, but should be made easier for everyone in the country to access. The party also sees early education (Preschool) as mandatory for the following reasons…

  9. Education (Cont.) • Children that do not go to preschool are more likely to have a lack of communication, temper tantrums, and problem solving skills. • Children cultivate 85% of their intellect, personality and skills by age five, and the first months and years of life set the stage for lifelong development.

  10. Education (Cont.) • The party not only focuses on early education, but post education after high school as well. The Sunny Party wants to make college education free for students, striving to give as many children the opportunity they deserve. An intelligent individual should not be denied an education simply because they cannot afford it.

  11. Immigration • In order to become a citizen a thorough background check needs to be completed to make sure they will not harm the country or citizens. • All jobs should be required to make sure their employees have the correct paperwork to show they are able to work. • We need to protect our borders better by hiring more guards to patrol so that they can’t come in illegally.

  12. Energy Sources • Only when we advance our country with the new energy and environment saving progress will we be able to transform and move forward as a country. • If we could offer wind power to the homes of people everywhere in the country by deregulating the electricity markets, we could potentially offer it to a wider range of people across the country, and cut our country’s carbon footprint. • If our biggest natural gas consuming states, Texas, Louisiana, and California made the switch to wind energy, we could reduce our natural gas consumption by 7.2 trillion cubic feet.

  13. National Debt • The Sunny Party does not support the idea of raising taxes in the United States to help reduce the amount of national debt. • If taxes are lowered on primary necessities more Americans would be able to afford the products, therefor the little amount of taxes they pay at each purchase helps the economy.  • Reducing taxes on labor and reducing the average amount of hours per week would increase job opportunities.

  14. Healthcare System • The party strongly believes that national healthcare would not propel the medical practices and fields forward as powerfully as it would if we continued the same procedures we do now. • Private medical practices encourage more prospect doctors to enter the field than if we had a national healthcare system. • Nationalized healthcare would cause everyone to help pay for the sick, obese, and have unhealthy habits by raising taxes, which will not benefit our society.

  15. Regulation of Business and Commerce • The Sunny Party believes that the government should put regulations on businesses such as factories and nuclear power plants in order to allow for a safe environment for everyone. • The pollution that factories and nuclear power plants give off can take much of the credit of the deficiencies in health that are common in today’s population. • By putting a regulation on these factors, we can cut down the amount of cancer and diseases that are common among society.

  16. Economy • We want the government to step in and become more involved by creating new jobs in businesses and organizations. • Manufacturing products in the U.S. will help the economy because we are saving money that we would usually spend to have different countries manufacture the product and sell to us. • Give tax breaks to companies in the U.S. it will save jobs because then the companies won’t have to lay off workers from paying so many taxes.

  17. Affirmative Action • We feel that everybody should be treated equally and it should not matter what race, sex, or religion you are from. • Society cannot truly be racism free until they stop making decisions based on race. • Affirmative action is not a solution to solve racism and should not be used to making everybody equal.

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