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Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students

Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students

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Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students

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  1. Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students Linda W. Ebel, Financial Aid Director Allegheny Health Network - Allegheny Valley Hospital Citizens School of Nursing Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014

  2. PASFAA 2014 - Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students Returning to school as an adult has its challenges and often involves financial sacrifices, but there are ways to lessen the impact in this session, discuss the financial challenges and options for adult students today.

  3. Who is an adult student?

  4. Federal Student Aid for Adult Students Myths Age Requirement Pass a credit check Costs money to get student aid

  5. Adult Student Adult Learner Independent Student - over 24 - married - veteran - have a child or children to support - graduate or professional student

  6. Adult Students Lifetime Learners Contemporary Students Second Career Individuals Displaced Workers/Unemployed Returning to school with a degree(s) to seek better employment Online Students ??????

  7. Non-Traditional Nursing Students Take Non-Traditional Pathways 1985 - average age was 24 2004 - average age was 31 Nursing is traditionally a career for women Nursing is a second career for both males and females

  8. Important Factors FAFSA, State and School Deadlines Consider Searching for Scholarships Tax Breaks Employer Assistance - Tuition Reimbursement Community College - Affordable Option Choosing a program- Research Career Options and Passions Part-time Enrollment - One class at a time

  9. 3 Challenges for Adult Students Lack of Awareness Financial Resources and Life Barriers Academic Preparedness

  10. Financial Resources and Life Barriers Financial Resources First Generation Students Lack of Savings – Pay check to pay check Life Barriers Single parents Child care expenses Medical Issues Elderly parents

  11. Lack of Awareness Examples What is the length of time that it will take for you to get to your career goal? How much does is cost to take a class? Is it possible for you to take loans to help you with your living expenses? When you graduate will you take advantage of the career assistance available?

  12. Academic Preparedness High School Completion GED Low grade point average/Low standardized testing scores Lack of preparation for post secondary education Remedial classes Test anxiety

  13. 5 Critical Needs of Adult Students 1. Programming that works with their schedules 2. Relevant degree programs 3. Clear expectations 4. Feedback from instructors 5. Acknowledgement of prior learning

  14. Obstacles Limitations: PA Grant - 8 semester limit PLEU - Pell Lifetime Eligibility Units 150% Sub Loans after July 1, 2013 Previous borrowing Lack of financial literacy Borrowing more than they need Afraid to ask questions

  15. Tips for Adults going back to school • Find an institution (college or university) where the student feels comfortable and welcome • Research schools online or ask your local librarian for help: learn about the school and make sure that they offer your area of interest. You should research your area of interest and learn about the career that you plan to pursue. • Make sure that wherever you go, the institution places proper value on the adult learner (flexible course schedules possibly distance learning, as well as faculty that understands the life of an adult students doesn’t always center around school.

  16. REWARDS Provide a sense of major accomplishment Permit them to understand hard work can translate to success Completing their education is a way to provide for their families They are good role model(s) for their children or siblings

  17. Motivational Quotes for Adult Students The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.  ~ Mortimer Adler Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.  ~ Vernon HowardLearning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.  ~ Chinese Proverb Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. ~ Gail Devers  Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. ~ Unknown 

  18. Financial Aid Issues Facing Adult Students