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Create Your Own Assignment!

Create Your Own Assignment!

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Create Your Own Assignment!

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  1. Select four words from the Holocaust vocabulary list Anti-Semitism Nazism Nuremburg Laws Kristallnacht The Final Solution (Crystal Night) Rescuers Dachau Gypsies Holocaust Zyklon B Genocide Aryan Scapegoat Auschwitz Gestapo Concentration Camp Resettlement Respond in any or all of the following ways: Give an example Cause Effect Relate a relevant story Give your opinion Create Your Own Assignment!

  2. Seven types of introductions • Divide you paper into eight columns • Label the boxes as follows

  3. Knots in My Yo-yo StringBy: Jerry Spinnilli • List on your chart some of the humorous, funny language that could draw the reader in. Pay close attention to the beginning of the paragraph.

  4. Question Have you ever wondered how to make the best banana split? Well, I have the secret to the best tasting one! Judy Announcement Well now everyone will love making some pizza instead of wasting money everybody might need. All we need is a couple of ingredients and you’ll be done in no time. First get some tools like a pizza cutter, a tray to place the pizza on Introductions: Question & Announcement

  5. Bold and Challenging Statement It is true that Desert Vista High School beat out Mountain Pointe in cross-country this season. I am certain the upcoming talent on the team next year, will put us in first place at the State meet. Emily Quotation “Hey, brace face, yes you!” teased Antonio. You want to know the secret on keeping your braces from getting damaged when you eat? “ This is how Antonio spoke to me when he saw me eating in the cafeteria. After I got my braces, Antonio suggested I eat soft foods for a few days , just to get used to them. Antonio had eaten a licorice once and broke his back braces off. Zuleika Introductions: Bold and Challenging Statement, Quotation from Somebody

  6. Riddle or Puzzle What’s golden brown, crispy at the first bite , has chocolate spots and is so delicious that you can’t resist the sight of it? Of course it’s a mouth-watering chocolate cookie. Mohit Personal Experience I remember a fabulous evening when me, my mom and my little sister went to a restaurant called, Jack in the Box to buy some delicious food. Suddenly, I saw a puppy right next to the huge doors of the great looking restaurant. I said, “ Look Ma, a lost puppy!” It looked like it was a German shepherd. Valentin Introductions: Riddle or PuzzlePersonal Experience

  7. Introductions: How You Felt • How you felt Once I was at a Diamondbacks’ game and I was so desperate for a Ball Park Dog. So I told my mom and dad if I could have some money to buy a Ball Park Dog, so they gave me some money to buy a hot dog. I was so lucky because I was finally going to eat something pretty tasty. Antonio

  8. Topics for Creating Introductions • How to create a banana split • My cat/dog won’t sit still at the veterinarian • The day I ate too many Hot Cheetos • A hurricane will hit the coast near my town! • When I wish upon a star • I road my bike to the store and saw… • Please, couldn’t I keep the puppy! • Imagine getting lost while on a camping trip

  9. Topics for Creating Introductions • My friend colored my hair, the change is so freaky! • I drove the family car when my parents were gone • If I could invent a new ice cream creation for Dairy Queen it would contain • I met my all time favorite sports player • Let me tell you about my favorite hobby • My experience baby-sitting or making dinner for everyone

  10. Check over the list of introductions Roll the die, which two introductions are you going to try out? Select a topic Write an introduction plus 3 more sentences on this topic. Pass your card to the next person. Read what they wrote Write them a note on how they did on this practice activity Homework: Now try it again with your second topic! Your assignment

  11. Types of IntroductionsA Question • I read so many accounts of inhuman treatment of the Holocaust victims. I wonder how the Nazi’s could perform such horrible acts upon another human being?

  12. An Announcement • The Holocaust was responsible for the extermination of over 6 million Jewish people. 1.5 million of these poor victims were Jewish children.

  13. A Bold and Challenging Statement • It is my belief that the Holocaust was the worst treatment of people in the history of the world.

  14. A Quotation from Somebody • "As we got there, we saw 30-40 bodies just lying around. And you could see the bullet holes in their backs. In fact, I think there was one American soldier among them. He was in GI uniform. We never did find out what he was doing there.” David Cohen GI at the liberation of Ohrdruf

  15. Riddle or Puzzle • Which camp was opened in 1933 not far from Munich? This camp was was so close to where Hitler hosted the Olympics, yet no one came to save the prisoners. The camp I am referring to is Dachau. It was not liberated until 1945.

  16. Personal Experience “It was around ten-thirty. I was upstairs with the Van Pelses in Peter’s room and I was helping him with his schoolwork. I was showing him the mistake in the dictation when suddenly someone came running up the stairs. The stairs were squeaking, I stood up, because it was still early in the morning and everyone was supposed to be quiet - then the door opened and a man was standing right in front of us with a gun in his hand and it was pointed at us.” Anne Frank

  17. Open with How You /Someone Felt • Tears came to my eyes, I was full of emotion as I stepped into the box car for the first time. This cattle car represents the final resting place for the souls of the Holocaust victims. These were the thoughts expressed by the administrators of Whitwell School upon the arrival of the cattle car from Germany.