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About Damasoft

About Damasoft

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About Damasoft

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  1. About Damasoft • IT industry is going through many challenges in the way software is being developed. The reason for this is software engineering is different from other engineering fields because of the following unique characteristics. • 1. Invisible to senses. Can you touch, feel, taste, see or hear it? At the time of construction, none of the senses can help. What I meant is the code that's used to develop the software cannot be felt through the senses. But the behaviour of the software might be felt. It's not the case with other engineering fields, where your senses play a major role/ enable you to develop the products easily in civil, mechanical, electrical etc., engineering fields. • 2. Boundaries/ constraints/ principles cannot be defined easily. For ex: civil engineering is based on fixed set of principles/ constraints/boundaries ( gravity, weight it can take etc.,) The solution for overcoming these challenges is in standardizing the software development. • Our objective is to standardize and simplify software architecture, design, and development so that efficiencies of scale can be achieved easily.

  2. Case Study 1: Property Management System • Client & Project Background : The Client is real estate company that owns large number of commercial properties across USA/ Canada • Challenges: • Manual tracking of available / leased properties using excel based system • Management of property brokers for available properties • Property management for repairs and enhancements • Tenant management for complaints, rental payments etc., • Functional Highlights • Registration of properties, brokers, tenants • Lease management • Complaint management • Rental payments and Broker commissions • Property maintenance • SAAS model of multi tenancy support • DamasoftSolution: • Web based application portal with muti tenancy support. • Centralized dash board for all roles ( PMO, Broker, Tenant, Vendor) • Alerts management system for rental payment reminders, lease renewals etc., • Automated broker commission payment system • KeyBenefits for Client: • Easy tracking of tenant rental payments • Faster turn around interms of filling the available properties • Technology: • Liferay 6.2, Mysql, JSP, Servlet, Tomcat, Twitter bootstrap

  3. Case Study 2: Hospital management system for a private hospital Client Background The client is a private hospital, that is looking for completely automated hospital management system that looks at paitent management, employee management, prescription management, pharmacy management, etc aspects. They need a cost effective solution with consideration for indian market. • Key System Features • Patient management • Pharmacy management • Employee management • Surgery management • Diagnostics • Patient , doctor dash boards • Security • Damasoft Solution • We are developing a custom hospital management solution using open source open clinic software as a base. We customized the functionality by keeping the indian medical association standards. • Web based application • Custom dash boards for patient, doctors, and hospital • Multi tenancy solution where it can be deployed for multiple hospitals • Rules based customization of hospital processes • Key Benefits to Customer • Cost effective solution as the based solution is free from open source community • Faster turn around and faster customization • Technology: • Java, J2ee, Struts, Spring, Mysql, JSP, Servlet, Tomcat