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The CDBG Small Cities Application Process PowerPoint Presentation
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The CDBG Small Cities Application Process

The CDBG Small Cities Application Process

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The CDBG Small Cities Application Process

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  1. The CDBG Small Cities Application Process Section 6: Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

  2. General • There have been NO CHANGES made to Section 6. • Use the 12/2013 exhibits on the website. Previous versions of exhibits will not be accepted.

  3. Section 6.1—Fair Housing Action Plan • All of Section 6.1 is for all grantees. • Must submit a Fair Housing Action Plan, developed within the last 3 years. • May use a “facsimile” of Exhibit 6.1 but must mirror that form • Must submit an Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) if funding will be for either rental housing or homeownership rehabilitation programs.

  4. Section 6.1—cont’d • If requesting any funds for any public service projects, must also include an Affirmative Marketing Plan. • Intent is to market public service projects the same way housing is marketed (ie: least likely to apply). • Use Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan as a guide.

  5. Question 6.2—Section 3 Plans All of Section 6.2 is for all grantees; • Plan must describe procedure for “good faith effort” to provide employment and training opportunities for Section 3 contractors; • Must use a locally written plan that shows how this will be accomplished locally. Cannot use a state-wide or nation-wide plan.

  6. Section 6.3—Local Fair Housing Action Steps – Past Performance • For past grantees only(received a grant in the last three years. • Section 6.3 includes a Fair Housing Action Plan form—Fill it out completely or no points will be awarded. • Points will not be awarded unless the Action Step number is included on each piece of documentation to which it applies.

  7. Section 6.3, cont’d • Reference the Fair Housing Action Steps in accordance with the action steps list dated January 6, 2011 or if still using an older version, please indicate which version you are using. • January 6, 2011 action steps can be found in the 2013 Fair Housing Action Plan documents.

  8. Section 6.4, Past Performance – Section 3 • Goals referenced must tie to your current Section 3 Plan. • Be sure to provide supporting documentation of any Accomplishments.

  9. Section 6.5—Section 3 Good Faith Efforts For past grantees only. • Must submit supporting documentation for good faith efforts. For example: • Copies of RFPs showing Section 3 contractors will be given priority; • Agendas for training sessions given to explain Section 3 to contractors, etc. • Mailing lists or letters to contractors

  10. Section 6.6, Past Performance – Set-Aside • Provide information on actual awards to small, women and minority owned business enterprises. • Must submit supporting documentation to be awarded points.

  11. Section 6.7—New Grantee For new grantees only; • Receive points if the municipality has not received a grant in the last three years.

  12. Section 6.8—Past Performance Fair Housing Initiatives For new grantees only; • Use the Fair Housing Action Plan form supplied with Section 6.8. • If the form is not used and filled out completely, no points will be awarded.

  13. Section 6.9—ADA/Section 504 For new grantees only; • Must submit an ADA/Section 504 notice and grievance plan (past grantees do not have to provide). • DOH staff will look for both of these to be posted at all grantees office during fair housing/civil rights monitoring.

  14. Section 6.10—ADA/Section 504 Transition Plan For new grantees only; • Must submit an ADA/Section 504 Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (past grantees do not have to provide). • For Past Grantees, this should already be on file with DOH.

  15. For questions about Section 6 of the application Call or email: Michael Santoro 860-270-8171