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My PC Series Program Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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My PC Series Program Overview

My PC Series Program Overview

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My PC Series Program Overview

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  1. My PC SeriesProgram Overview Presented by: Todd Watts, Program Manager Kayce Hawkins Brown, Audience Marketing Manager

  2. Agenda • Introductions • Program history • Research behind the program • Program details • Library survey results • Library voices • Q&A My PC Program Overview

  3. My PC Series Program What is My PC Series? • Hands-on, jargon-free classroom based curricula of computer classes • Developed by Microsoft as instructor led training for the adult audience • It is free! My PC Program Overview

  4. My PC Series Program History Research on adult audience • Disconnect between what adults want to learn and what is available • Intro computer classes traditionally teach topics too dry for the adult audience, or teach with too much jargon • Learning Style; forget the jargon, build confidence, lifestyle approach My PC Program Overview

  5. My PC Series Program History Learning Case Study • Holland America Digital Workshops, powered by Windows • Tested by more than 500,000 adult students My PC Program Overview

  6. My PC Series Program History Expanding the program • Pilot with Holland America Lines • Expanded pilot to community colleges • Moved to an online license agreement and expanding to new channels My PC Program Overview

  7. Adult Learning Experience There is a disconnect between what adultswant to learn and what is available Topics they want: • Email • Photos • Browsing/shopping • News/Health/Travel Info • Connecting with family • Staying safe online • Becoming more PC proficient My PC Program Overview

  8. Adult Learning Experience There is a disconnect between what adults want to learn and what is available Topics they want: • Email • Photos • Browsing/shopping • News/Health/Travel Info • Connecting with family • Staying safe online • Becoming more PC proficient Topics that are available: • GUI • Memory • WordPad • CPU and RAM • Taking apart PC’s in class • Database management My PC Program Overview

  9. Adult Learner Insights • Learning Style • Forget the JargonThis group is turned off by “geek speak” • Build Confidence A slower, guided, “tell-show-do” teaching style is best for this audience. • Lifestyle ApproachBest accomplished with interesting, relevant subjects - like photo editing. My PC Program Overview

  10. Incorporating My PC Series Program Benefits: • Attract new adult learners • Research-based curriculum • Free teaching materials • Free support toolkits • Less intimidating basic computer learning path My PC Program Overview

  11. My PC Series Program Offerings My PC Program Overview

  12. My PC Series3-Hour vs 1-Hour Workshops Digital Photography Computer Basics 3-Hour Courses 1-Hour Courses 3-Hour Courses 1-Hour Courses Operating System Basics Working With Digital Photos Organize your Digital Photos Start Here with Windows 7 Getting Started with Windows 7 Digital Photo Editing Digital Photo Editing 1 Digital Photo Editing 2 Introduction to Windows 7Four 3-hour Courses Stay Safe with Windows 7 Digital Movies Creative Photo Slideshows Create a Digital Movie Messaging, Mail Connecting with Friends & Family Chat with Instant Messaging Share Photos Share Your Digital Photos No 3-Hour Equivalent PC Buying Digital Cameras No 3-Hour Equivalent Digital Camera Tips and Tricks No 3-Hour Equivalent Pick the Right PC My PC Program Overview

  13. Introduction to Computers/PC Offered by learning Institution My PC: 1 Hour Series Workshops My PC: 3 Hour Series Workshops Personal Enrichment Introduction to Windows 7® 9 to 12 hours Office Productivity Offered by learning Institution Office Worker WorkforceDevelopment Advanced ComputerOffered by learning Institution Networking Offered by learning Institution Developer Offered by learning Institution IT Professional Certification Offered by learning Institution My PC Program Overview

  14. My PC Series – Free Support ToolkitsFaculty Toolkit Instructor manuals Audience–friendly student handouts Class-ready PowerPoint materials Dedicated teacher support alias My PC Program Overview

  15. My PC Series– Free Support Toolkits Program Administrator Toolkit • Curriculum roadmap • Customizable marketing fliers • Course outlines • Web copy My PC Program Overview

  16. My PC Series– Free Support Toolkits Technical/Lab Manager Toolkit • Classroom setup guide • Readiness checklist • Troubleshooting guide • Resource kit • Dedicated technical support alias My PC Program Overview

  17. My PC Series — Student Website My PC Program Overview • Workshop handouts • Windows 7 resources • Class descriptions for all My PC Series workshops • Online Directory of My PC Series providers

  18. How To Get Started • Go to • Click Learn More for program information and to download our online Evaluation Toolkit • Click Download Center to register and get access to the workshop content and toolkits My PC Program Overview

  19. Library Survey Feedback • Survey was sent to over 140 libraries across the U.S. that registered on the My PC Series website • Survey responses are from libraries either delivering or planning on delivering workshops in CY2012 My PC Program Overview

  20. Library Survey Feedback • Patrons are the intended audience for 93% of respondents • 48.2% have or will be scheduling My PC Series workshops in CY2012 • 44.8% are still evaluating whether to offer the workshops My PC Program Overview

  21. Library Survey Feedback Excellent patron handouts, very easy classes to implement. Course material is thorough, so it does not require extensive prep time to put on a polished class. Excellent handouts. It is great not to have to develop your own publicity, presentation and follow up materials. Great course materials, just the right amount of content for each workshop. Easy to follow and all of the prep work for delivering this type of training is already completed. Just get in there and do it. My PC Program Overview

  22. Library Experiences • Kelli Staley kelli@lansingpl.orgLansing Public Library, IL • Jennifer Clark jdoyon@brookfieldlibrary.orgThe Brookfield Library, CT • Bob Mulholland bobm@rjmgroup.netSayreville Public Library, NJ My PC Program Overview

  23. Still have questions? Email us Find us on the web at: Thank you! My PC Program Overview

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