identifying influencing future as it is emerging n.
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Identifying & Influencing Future As It Is Emerging PowerPoint Presentation
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Identifying & Influencing Future As It Is Emerging

Identifying & Influencing Future As It Is Emerging

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Identifying & Influencing Future As It Is Emerging

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  1. Identifying & Influencing Future As It Is Emerging Oulu 10.10.2006 Mika Aaltonen Head & Chairman of the Board StraX

  2. Time & Future FUTURE FUTURE

  3. Strategic Intelligence = A fundamental change in what intelligence is and how it is accomplished; a shift of perspective from sensors to discipline, and new applications in business and politics Multi-ontology Sense-making = Distinguishment of different types of systems and application of appropriate tools and methods accordingly Foresight = Ability to respond and influence future as it is emerging Complexity = Understanding where and how the knots of futures are tied and untied Exploration/Exploitation = Guided exploration tours into specific futures, and into exploration/exploitation ratio StraX Themes

  4. Seeing things that people did not see before – shift your perspective Not to tell what to think, but lure people to think differently – teach people to practice possibilities Push the boundaries, the habits and prejudices, to the limits where new ideas have to be put forward Complex, confusing, uncertain scenarios/possibilities, and running people through them Targets

  5. Terrestrial. Geopolitical domains of air, sea, undersea and land, as well as physical concentrations of wealth Space. The world of satellites and future space platforms Spectral. Electromagnetic spectrum, frequency management, and sensing Virtual. The global world of networks and connectivity Psychological. Media and conduits used to influence the hearts and minds of people Planes of Influence

  6. Starlight: the role and nature of time in analyses Sanctuary: the propensity to hide in an open world Small stuff: software, bio, nano Veracity: the challenge of truth and knowledge Herds: people and ideas on move Wealth: moving past money Power: clout and who has it Parallel universe: from networks to cyber life Bedfellows: the significance of teaming Insights

  7. Nonlinear thinking is critical to recognizing clues about changes in the environment. Self-organizing change occurs as a result of order and disorder interactions. Scanning across disciplines and industries is the key to seeing emerging conditions. Perspective is important when viewing chaotic events. Look at the whole systems, not just their parts. Maps, models, and visual images make it easier to see the patterns. Interest in Boundaries

  8. Head & Chairman of the Board StraX BIT Business Innovation Technology P.O. Box 5500 FI-02015 TKK, Finland Tel. +358 40 5902131 Email. Thank You!