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  1. Geography 2/9 to 2/13

  2. Jared Diamond argues that the development of countries is based on geography. Explain how geography led to development according to Jared Diamond. Sunday 2/9 Do Now

  3. Jared Diamond Review: Starting with Geography Geography Climate, Landscape, Vegetation Length of growing season Types of plants able to grow Nutrients in soil Sunday 2/9

  4. Geography impacted food production Food Production Wheat and barley (efficiency), storing, settlements Wheat and Barley were easy to produce (large quantities) Granary and advantages to storing food (steady food supply, time for specialization) No longer nomadic (steady food supply in one area so no need to move) Sunday 2/9

  5. Settlements lead to Animal Domestication Animal Domestication Resources, farming Milk, Meat, Fur, work More productive farming (plow and manure) Sunday 2/9

  6. Farming leads to development • Being more productive farmers allows for time to specialize in other areas. • Diamond argues that when you have time to do other things you are able to innovate and conquer. Sunday 2/9

  7. Assignment: Guns, Germs, and Steel Review • You will write 4 paragraphs summarizing and reviewing Guns, Germs, and Steel. • Can be written or typed. You should be writing 7-10 sentences per paragraph. Use details and examples!!!!!! • Due:Thursday, February 13 Sunday 2/9

  8. Paragraph 1: According to Diamond, explain how geography led to development. • Paragraph 2: Why was New Guinea different from the Middle East/Europe/America? • Paragraph 3:Do you agree with Diamond’s argument? Explain why or why not. • Paragraph 4:What are some other factors, besides guns, germs, and steel Sunday 2/9

  9. What are some ways nations are impacted when they are conquered by other countries? Monday 2/9 Do Now

  10. Colonialism and Imperialism • As countries develop, they tend to develop the ability to conquer other countries. • Imperialism: a policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world. • Colonialism: control by one country over another and it’s land Monday 2/10

  11. Berlin Conference “Scramble For Africa” Monday 2/10

  12. Read Berlin Conference Overview • Assignment:Complete questions on the reading about the Berlin Conference • Due: Thursday 2/13 Monday 2/10

  13. It was said the Berlin Conference was being held to do what? What were Europeans actually doing? Tuesday 2/11 Do Now

  14. What is a political cartoon? • Drawing that uses satire (humor) to criticize (disagree with) political actions. • Use humor to point out flaws. • Why might this be better than plainly stating fault? Tuesday 2/11 Political Cartoons

  15. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Tuesday 2/11

  16. Government Building Tuesday 2/11

  17. Assignment:Look at the political cartoons. Describe the cartoons and explain how they represent the Berlin Conference. • You have 2 cartoons, you must write a paragraph (7-10 sentences) for each.1. Describe the cartoon2. How does this cartoon represent the Berlin Conference. • Due:Wednesday 2/12 (Tomorrow) Tuesday 2/11

  18. What are some ways you think colonialism has impacted nations around the world? What are some ways Kuwait has been impacted by imperialism? Wednesday 2/12 Do Now

  19. Sudanese Civil War- 1983 Wednesday 2/12

  20. 2nd Sudanese Civil War: 1983-2005 • Continuation of first civil war (1955-1972) • About 2 million people were killed • 2-4 million displaced from homes Wednesday 2/12

  21. North South • Muslim • Arabic Language • Edge of Sahara Desert • Nuer and Dinka – Native Tribes • Native religions and Christianity • Nile River Resources • Oil Fields Wednesday 2/12 – Civil War

  22. Lost Boys of Sudan • About 20,000 boys between 7-17 forced to flee their homes. • These boys attempted to travel to refugee camps in Ethiopia Wednesday 2/12

  23. Assignment: Create a cause and effect chart for the conflict in Sudan. • CauseEffect Wednesday 2/12

  24. Explain how imperialism and colonialism may have led to the current issues of Sudan. Thursday 2/13 Do Now

  25. The people of Sudan's southern capital, Juba, broke out in exuberant song and dance on Sunday, Jan. 30, as the inevitable became official: in July, Sudan will split into two new nations. Sudanese officials announced that southerners had voted nearly 99% in favor of separation during a Jan. 9-15 referendum. The result itself is no surprise, but after 50 years of struggle and a decade of grueling international diplomacy, many southerners could barely believe the day had finally arrived. "We always thought this was a dream," said AyatJervase, 32, a doctor who was among those dancing in celebration. "Now it has come true." Thursday 2/13

  26. Assignment: What are some of the problems that might arise from the split of Sudan? (Think about wealth and resources) • Write 2 paragraphs explaining your answer. Thursday 2/13