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Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno PowerPoint Presentation
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Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno

Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno

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Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno

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  1. Pool Tile Cleaning Fresno

  2. We specialize in removing that irritating calcium deposit that every pool owner in the Central Valley struggles with. Our Specialized equipment removes calcium and staining from your tile quickly, effectively, and safely.  Your pool tile can look bright and clean again. What is almost impossible for you to do, we can completely clean your pool in just under 3 hours and have you swimming again. Restore your pool tile to new again

  3. We turn off your system. By shutting down your system none of the calcium deposits or beads run through your pumps and clogging your filter. We lower the water level a couple inches below the tile. We bead blast it with the proper low pressure blasting system. Here’s how we do it…

  4. We use a water-vac system to remove all beads, calcium, and/or any other media resting in your pool. At the finish, we apply a sealant that will shine your tile close to new again. We wash all decks and surrounding areas. Note that the process that we use is nontoxic and has no effect on plants, pets, or the PH of your pool water.

  5. So stop playing around with that pumice stone that is wasting your time, money, and peace of mind and give us a call today at (559) 579-3806. We would be glad to give you a free estimate.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Contact Us

  6. For more information please visit Thank You