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GILDA testbed

FEDERATION. WAYF. VOMS. Web Portal. Cloud Bridge. Authentication. voms-proxy-init. Cloud. 4. My-proxy server. myproxy-init. Job Submission. First access. 2. GRID. Data Management. 1. Configurations. Accounting. 3. Grid accounting system. CA online bridge. CA online MICS.

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GILDA testbed

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  1. FEDERATION WAYF VOMS Web Portal Cloud Bridge Authentication voms-proxy-init Cloud 4 My-proxy server myproxy-init Job Submission First access 2 GRID Data Management 1 Configurations Accounting 3 Grid accounting system CA online bridge CA online MICS https://gilda.ct.infn.it User Support and Training Services in IGI The IGI HelpDesk supports both national and international users and VOs together with the IGI resource site managers. Tickets opened by external users, and EGI operations teams are routed inside the IGI HelpDesk through the GGUS The first level support is organized in weekly shifts. The sites are monitored using Nagios tests and, in case of problems, tickets are opened and a first help is provided. The second Level support is provided by specialized teams both from the operations and from the middleware developers. Igi user support and Helpdesk Model Igi general purpose portal to easily access the Grid IGI Users IGI (Italian Grid Initiative) is developing a web portal to ease the access to grid and cloud services; The main goal is to hide the “complexity” of X.509 certificates (request and management); IGTF policies and guidelines have been taken into account when designing the framework. IGI Site Administrators IGI ROD (First Level) • Strong user identification by means of • an IdP belonging to an accredited identity federation (i.e. IDEM federation); • VOMS and MyProxy mechanisms IGI Software Developers (Second Level) • Based on a open source tool (XOOPS/xHelp) • Interfaced via SOAP WS with the GGUS RESTful “lightweight”crypto library API • For Job Submission and Data Management tasks, the portal uses WS-PGrade (MTA-SZTAKI); • Other solutions are under investigation: • e.g.: JSAGA (IN2P3); Used to handle Grid Credentials in a easy way, lightweight and web-affine manner For Cloud resource provisioning the portal is interfaced with WNoDES (INFN-CNAF); • Based on Jersey, the open source, production quality JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services; • Java #PKCS#11, CoG-Kit, Bouncy Castle and VOMS-APIs libraries; • Thread-safe access to the list of smart cards; • SSL encryption based on trusted host certificate; • eToken PRO 32/64KBytes smart cards; • Caching of proxy certificates for each valid requestID = serial + vo + fqan. The GILDA training infrastructure Generate a Grid Credential from a requestID Since 2004 GILDA supports national and international projects with its facilities dedicated for grid training and dissemination Copy and paste this URL to get your proxy! GILDA VO complements GILDA CA providing a VO where issued certificates are automatically inserted. The VO is deployed in the whole GILDA testbed GILDA CA, now also distributed with EUGridPMA, on request issues X509 certificates ready to be used by anyone for training events GILDA Virtual Organisation GILDA Certification Authority A consolidated Work-plan for application porting Seek, identify, and closely support new communities to deploy their applications and create the computing model Training material GILDA testbed The GILDA testbed is a full set of core and site grid services where grid beginners can experience grid features GILDA offers in its web site a series of exercises, hands-on supporting the training process. Since 2011, the GILDA web site has been re-engineered using Liferay as portlet container, moving forward towards Science Gateway paradigm Set-up and manage a Production Grid Infrastructure Train users and site administrators to use and operate the Infrastructure based on the EGI/EMI middleware Disseminate the work done to find new applications for long term sustainability

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