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Indian Weddings Ritual PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian Weddings Ritual

Indian Weddings Ritual

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Indian Weddings Ritual

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  1. HariOm Enterprize (DaIndiaShop) Jaipur, Rajasthan(302001) India Indian Weddings Ritual South Indian Wedding - Weddings are said to be done within the marriage itself and they are celebrated with great joy. In India, the country's culture and heritage, weddings are not only sacred ceremonies, but the festival that are celebrated with family, friends and all wishes well. Also, when you see the marriages of South India, they are very ritual-based with the holy slope number of mantras and slokas. The Indian Silk Sarees are best bridal attire in south Indian wedding.

  2. Muslim Wedding - Muslim weddings are well known for hosting and inviting guests. Muslim wedding rituals (Nikah) are mainly for the three days. Weddings will be organized in a great way and married, married, family members, relatives as well as friends will be present to enjoy the wedding through various rituals. The Pakistani Lawn Suits are best bridal attire in Muslim wedding. Maharashtrian Wedding - Maharashtrian marriage is a ceremony where not only the couple but their families are linked together. A male and a female from two different families come together to make a couple. But with this, they create a wide range of in-laws relationships. Two families shake hands with one another and bless the couple who marries. Then they gather for a ceremony where all the rituals are performed by a Brahmin who is the Hindu priest. The Kanchi Indian Wedding Sarees are best bridal attire in south Indian wedding.